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Angry birds

Greed of angrier
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This game is good
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The Bird Bunch (A ABT Spin-Off)

Story: Hal lost on an island called Bird Village,finds bubbles then finds SIlver,Ruby and Boing then they make a team dedicated to defeating Evil Pigs. Seasons: 2 Episodes: 20 (in each season) is a spin-off away from Angry Birds Toons, what do you think?.
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Anyone plays Angry Birds 2 here?

If anyone of you plays Angry Birds 2, then help me to reach higher leagues!
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Who is the most terrifying bird?

I think most of you are going to vote for Terence
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Your favourite charecter in Angry Birds 2?

What is your favourite charecter in Angry Birds 2 and why?
What is the most famous charecter of Angry Birds series?
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Do you think they should bring back the Angry Birds Stella game?

It was a very good game and it didn't deserve to be discontinued before it was finished.
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Do you agree that there should be a 2nd Angry Birds movie?

The first movie was amazing, it deserves a part 2 to me.
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Favorite Angry Birds Games?

My favorites are Angry Birds Trilogy, Angry Birds Knock on Wood and Angry Birds Seasons.
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what i can doing here?
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Good bye everyone

I had a good path with ya all and many of the good and happy users left from this wiki so I You also go to my path of success to become a good YouTuber If you wanna try my channel then type Riasat963 on your search box of YouTube.So finally good bye I hope you enjoyed while I was here my good friends Kaleb,Alfateh and GeneralRetardo alfateh knock me on discord or YouTube and Kaleb knock me on YouTube and GeneralRetardo if you still use discord then knock me there or if you don’t knock me on YouTube.Bye bye everyone and welcome the new users nicely
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