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A Fistful of Cabbage is the fourth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Look out pigs. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he is taking absolutely no guff from these swine.


The episode begins in the Wild West town bank. Two minion pigs dressed as robbers are seen escaping from the bank. However, they soon encounter The Stranger (actually King Pig) who lassos them and ties them up. The townsfolk come out of their buildings in awe of The Stranger.

Then there is a change of scene where it shows King Pig reading a Wild West magazine. He gets excited and decides to be The Stranger. King Pig then goes out of his castle to find some robbers or villains at the bank but does not find them. He looks down the street with similar disappointing results. Suddenly, a minion pig opened his lollipop up and littered the wrapper on the floor. King Pig took the chance to lasso the minion pig and throw him behind bars.

As King Pig went back to the streets, he saw one minion pig squirting a water gun at another minion pig. He lassos the armed pig, causing the wet minion pig to get annoyed. King Pig also lassos this pig behind bars. Then in another shot, Corporal Pig was waiting to pass safely and he spat at the floor, causing King Pig to lasso him to jail as well. In the cell, two of the minion pigs can be seen playing cards. Soon, more and more minion pigs were lassoed behind bars for more ridiculous reasons. By the time the last minion pig was locked up, the cell was almost about to burst. One minion pig managed to escape though.

At night, the free minion pigs ran away from the sight of King Pig. He then saw the bank and suddenly, the door blew out. One minion pig robber came out with a full money bag. King Pig saw his chance to throw him behind bars. However, a few more pigs, Fat Pig, Goliath Pig and another minion pig pulling Fat Pig's wheelbarrow came out as well. King Pig got extremely scared and quickly went back to the cell to free the imprisoned pigs and put himself behind bars.

Soon, the pig robbers were dumping their loot near a campfire. The freed minion pigs all went to the fireplace to join the robbers in eating the cabbage. King Pig realised how tasty they were and wanted to join in but he locked himself in. His keys were near him so he tried to get the keys. He used his tongue to reach it but it slipped out. In the credits, he can still be heard trying again.

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