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Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-10

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Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-10
Episode Abra-Ca-Bacon
Level Number 25
Birds Sequence DiehardBohemianBohemian
No.of Pigs Teamster x4 Teamster x1 Teamster x2 Headstrong x3
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 115,000 points
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Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-9 Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-11

Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-10 is the twenty-fifth level of the episode, Abra-Ca-Bacon in Angry Birds Seasons.


Shoot the first Red Bird towards the left structure to topple it, hopefully clearing the whole left part of the level except the pig under that structure. Use the next White Bird to bomb the pig there while ricochetting into the string holding the stone boulder at the right.

Video Walkthrough

Angry Birds Seasons Abra-ca-Bacon 2-10 Walkthrough 3-Star00:50

Angry Birds Seasons Abra-ca-Bacon 2-10 Walkthrough 3-Star

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