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Achievements are what a player receives if completed a specific task in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Colossatron. Here we will show you a full list of Achievements in the original Angry Birds games. You can choose an other edition of Angry Birds by clicking one of the editions in the board at the end of this page.

List of Achievements in Angry Birds


Image Title Requirements Points
Clusterbirds Split it! Unlock Blue Bird 10
Fast-and-furious Speed is the Essence Unlock Yellow Bird 10
Explosive-temperament Boom Boom! Unlock Black Bird 10
Scrambled-eggs Mother of all Bombs Unlock White Bird 10
Return-to-Sender Return to Sender Unlock Boomerang Bird 10
Seeing-Red Seeing Red Unlock Big Brother Bird 10
Aquiline-Benefactor Aquiline Benefactor Purchase Mighty Eagle 10

Pig Boss Levels Completed

Image Title Requirements Points
Herr-Helmet Herr Helmet Finish Poached Eggs 1-21 10
Mr-Moustache Mr Moustache Finish Poached Eggs 2-21 10
Defeat-of-the-King Defeat of the King Finish Poached Eggs 3-21 10
The-Imposter The Imposter Finish Mighty Hoax 4-21 10
Defeat-of-the-King The Mysterious Escape Finish Mighty Hoax 5-21 10
Hovering-Helmet Hovering Helmet Finish Danger Above 6-15 10
Mounting-Moustache Mounting Moustache Finish Danger Above 7-15 10
Defeat-of-the-King Green Baron Finish Danger Above 8-15 10
Hardhat-Hidalgo Hardhat Hidalgo Finish The Big Setup 9-15 10
Mason-Moustache Mason Moustache Finish The Big Setup 10-15 10
Defeat-of-the-King Royal Ringleader Finish The Big Setup 11-15 10
Billy-the-Pig Billy the Pig Finish Ham 'Em High 12-15 10
Clint-Eastbacon Clint Eastbacon Finish Ham 'Em High 13-15 10
Wild-Pork-Hickok Wild Pork Hickok Finish Ham 'Em High 14-15 10
Cave-Explorer Cave Explorer Finish Mine and Dine 15-15 10
Cave-Conqueror Cave Conqueror Finish Mine and Dine 16-15 10
King-of-the-caves King of the Caves Finish Mine and Dine 17-15 10

Total Destructions (3 star rankings) and Score Addicts

Total Destructions

Image Title Requirements Points
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 1 - Total Destruction Episode 1: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 2 - Total Destruction Episode 2: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 3 - Total Destruction Episode 3: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 4 - Total Destruction Episode 4: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 5 - Total Destruction Episode 5: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 6 - Total Destruction Episode 6: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 7 - Total Destruction Episode 7: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Episode 8 - Total Destruction Episode 8: Three stars in all levels. 30
4-Halloween-Total-Destruction Surf and Turf - Total Destruction Surf and Turf: Three stars in all levels. 30

Score Addicts

Image Title Requirements Points
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 1 - Score Addict Episode 1: Get 4,000,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 2 - Score Addict Episode 2: Get 3,300,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 3 - Score Addict Episode 3: Get 4,800,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 4 - Score Addict Episode 4: Get 3,900,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 5 - Score Addict Episode 5: Get 4,100,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 6 - Score Addict Episode 6: Get 5,276,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 7 - Score Addict Episode 7: Get 2,800,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Episode 8 - Score Addict Episode 8: Get 3,678,000 points 30
Smugglers-den-score-addict Surf and Turf - Score Addict Surf and Turf: Get 3,783,000 points 30

Gameplay Achievements

Image Title Requirements Points
7-Woodpecker Woodpecker Smash 5,000 wooden blocks 10
8-Stonecutter Stonecutter Smash 5,000 stone blocks 10
9-Icepicker Icepicker Smash 5,000 ice blocks 10
10-Pig-Popper Pig Popper Smash 1,000 pigs 10
11-Bird-Slinger Bird Slinger Shoot 5,000 birds 10
12-Block-Smasher Block Smasher Smash 50,000 blocks 20
13-Smash-Maniac Smash Maniac Smash 500,000 blocks 30
Ultimate-Bejeweler Ultimate Bejeweler Smash 100 jewels 10
Hard-as-a-Rock Hard as a Rock Smash 100 stalactites 10

Golden Eggs

Image Title Requirements Points
Egg-Hunter Egg Hunter Find 10 golden eggs (Hint: Go to any Golden Eggs page of the original Angry Birds and follow the instructions at the How to Get it section) 10
Egg-Cracker Egg Cracker Earn 10 golden egg stars (Hint: Go to any Golden Eggs page of the original Angry Birds and follow the instructions at the How to Complete section) 10

Play time

Image Title Requirements Points
Angry-Birds-Fan Angry Birds Fan Play Angry Birds for 5 hours 10
True-Angry-Birds-Fan True Angry Birds Fan Play Angry Birds for 15 hours 10
Angry-Birds-Addict Angry Birds Addict Play Angry Birds for 30 hours 10

Stars and Eagle Feathers


Image Title Requirements Points
Star-Collector Star Collector Earn 750 stars 10
Star-Gatherer Star Gatherer Earn 1,500 stars 10

Mighty Eagle

Image Title Requirements Points
Feather-Picker Feather Picker Earn 50 feathers 10
Feather-Collector Feather Collector Earn 100 feathers 20
Feather-Gatherer Feather Gatherer Earn 200 feathers 30

Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements are not shown in the Game Center until they are achieved.

Image Title Requirements Points
Backward-Compatibility Backward Compatibility 10 birds shot in the wrong direction (Hint: Open up any level and shoot with a total of 10 birds backward) 10
Space-Invader Space Invader Yellow Bird shot up into space (Hint: Go to Danger Above 6-14 and shoot the Yellow Bird as high up as possible) 10
Wilhelm-Tell Wilhelm Tell Flying bird hit with another bird (Hint: Open up any level and shoot two birds backward quickly in the same direction so that the two birds can hit each other) 10
Bulls-Eye Bull's Eye Direct hit on a pig 10
Cakemonger Cakemonger Secret cake collected (Hint: The cake is at Theme 18-15, on a small stone table. Use the Yellow Bird or the Orange Bird to hit the TNT and destroy the donut which is tied with a "fishing rod" on the far right hand side, at the left of the farthest TNT that is sitting on the ground. You need to leave some debris above the TNT that is adjacent to the small piece of colorful cake below the structures. When you complete the other steps this debris will hopefully fall down and blow up the TNT. Destroy the treasure chest that appears BEHIND the slingshot platform with White Bird. If no debris falls through and you have an opening, you can still try to fling the Boomerang Bird into the gap to hit the TNT and get the cake! This won’t be an easy shot. Remember that this cake only increase your Game Center's score.) 10

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