Blues cry

King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!

This article contains information about an abandoned project.

The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.


Agri Birds was an unreleased game.

It was meant to be a role-playing farm game, with the player making their own dialogue choices. There was also a reference to the game Five Nights at Freddy's, with another gameplay element being surviving in an old farmhouse at night with The Blues attacking.







  • The game was first thought to be an April Fool's joke due to the date and nature, Until a former Rovio employee named laisanen on Tumblr confirmed that Agri Birds was indeed in development. Unfortunately, the game got cancelled for unknown reasons despite the hard work and concept art put into it. They left over the storyboard for the Agri Birds second trailer. [1]
  • The game has Stella and Gale in an LGBT relationship.
  • This was the first and only time Mighty Eagle was a villian. He was also called ''Mighty Bagel''.



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