Angry Birds Trilogy 10
The Anger Management Pack is a downloadable content (DLC) pack for Angry Birds Trilogy, for Xbox-360, PS3, and 3DS. It is available to download on Xbox Live or PSN. It is un-available on 3DS. It contains 130 levels, from Season 2 (Ham 'O' Ween - Piglantis) from Angry Birds Seasons, and Birdday Party (first 15 levels) from Angry Birds. The original trilogy levels only had the levels from Poached Eggs to Mine and Dine, and all the Season 1 levels. This is the first time the Mighty Dragon can be used (if Mighty Eagle is unlocked) in the game.


  • This is the first time DLC was a part of the Angry Birds Series. (Unless updates count)
  • It is possible the upcoming Wii U version will already have the DLC with it.
  • The DLC may also be coming to 3DS.
  • The Wii U version may also include Bad PiggiesHaunted Hogs, and Winter Wonderham, or they could just be in another DLC pack.
  • This is the first time the Chrome Pigs are seen in any of the DLC episodes.
  • There might be another DLC pack containing power-ups.
  • There might be another DLC pack that includes the rest of the cutscenes and current levels of Angry Birds Rio.
  • The Wii version january also include Birdday Party (Second 30 levels),Bad Piggies (Second 30 levels),Red's Mighty Feathers and Abra-Ca-Bacon

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