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Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet" is a trailer promoting Haunted Hogs released on October 6, 2012.


The Blues, Jake, Jay, and Jim, who are trick or treating head towards a spooky house. They knock on the door, only to be frightened by the homeowner and leave, dropping their collected candy. The homeowner then takes all of the candy after the Blues flee. The homeowner does this several times to others, including Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, and Red, scaring them and stealing their candy,which they all dropped. Bomb comically exploded continusously while running away,revealing that being scared also triggers Bomb's explosive behavior. After a while, the homeowner is revealed to be Bubbles in a Porkenstein outfit. Bubbles gazes at his large collection of candy, and starts to eat some of it. He is then interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Bubbles puts back on his pig outfit, and opens the door. At the doorstep is everyone who has been scared by Bubbles, which they are angry, implying that they found out about Bubbles' prank. Terence is also present, and says "Trick or Treat" in a low, dull voice as the door opens. The scene then ends in ambiguity.


Angry Birds 01:39

Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet" - wishing you a Happy Halloween!



  • This is one of the few animations to have dialogue, as all of the Birds scared by Bubbles said, "Trick or Treat," as well as Terence. Which is unusual because he had never spoke in his life.
  • Terence,and Hal (Depise on the fact he's not in the episode.),are the only birds to not get scared by Bubbles.

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