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The Angry Birds Series is created by Rovio, which includes all 6 of the versions in one pack. This pack includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Bad Piggies. You can purchase the original game on the official Angry Birds homepage on their website for 8.99 (Holidays 50% off). And it allows you to purchase the Mighty Eagle. This pack includes Seasons updates you can update. Angry Birds has a new theme called 7. Birdday Party. On Angry Birds Seasons, you can update the Christmas updates. Please note that this doesn't include Hogs and Kisses, due to a bug which won't allow Rovio to include it. This includes the Red Bird, Boomerang Bird, Orange Bird, Yellow Bird, Blue Bird, Big Brother Bird, Pink Bird, Black Bird and White Bird. (Mighty Eagle can be purchased.) The King Pig is avalible on the last boss of a world, or the last level of Angry Birds. The next 4 sequel's were then Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars, which had a sequel itself. (Angry Birds Star Wars II)


Pigs (Bad Piggies)


For List of Games see List of Games

Episodes (Original)

These are episodes in Angry Birds. See more at List of all Episodes.

  1. ) Poached Eggs - The Pigs Steal The Eggs.
  2. ) Mighty Hoax - The Pigs Leave Cardboard Eggs In The Nest And Steal The Real Eggs.
  3. ) Danger Above - The Pigs Steal The Eggs And Fly Away.
  4. ) The Big Setup - The Pigs Trap The Birds.
  5. ) Ham 'em High - The Pigs Steal The Eggs With A Lassoe Rope.
  6. ) Mine And Dine - The Pigs Steal The Eggs And Go Underground.
  7. ) Birdday Party - The Pigs Takes Apart The Birds' Cake.
  8. ) Bad Piggies - The Pigs Take Part With Freckled And Mechanic Pigs.
  9. ) Red's Mighty Feathers - Red Gets A New Power Also Includes 15 Egg Defender Levels.
  10. ) Short Fuse - Bomb Gets An Electrical Explosion Power.

Non-Sequential) Surf And Turf - The Pigs Steal The Eggs At The Beach.
Non-Sequential) Golden Eggs - These Badboys Are Everywhere.
Non-Sequential) Magic Places - A Special Episode That Takes You Anywhere. (Chinese Users Only).


  • Super Seeds (Power Potion)- makes your bird bigger
  • Sling Scope - guides your aiming
  • King Sling - helps you with a powerful swing (note: since it is really powerful, it is better to aim the birds lower.)
  • Birdquake - shakes the ground, making pigs and brick walls fall down.
  • Shockwave - Creates A Shockwave Bomb Bird

Special Items

  • Poached Eggs - Frying Pan
  • Mighty Hoax - Cardboard King Pig Cutout (When 3 Stars Earned, Its Wearing Glasses Like Stars)
  • Danger Above - Balloon
  • The Big Setup - Hardhat
  • Ham 'em High - Cowboy Hat
  • Mine and Dine - Spade
  • Birdday Party - Cake
  • Bad Piggies - Wrench
  • Red's Mighty Feathers - None
  • Short Fuse - Not yet calculated
  • Surf and Turf - Wine Glass
  • Golden Eggs - None
  • Magic Places - None

Board Games

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air Angry Birds: Mega Smash Angry Birds: Western Round-Up Angry Birds: Birds in Space Angry Birds: Planet Block Spring Has Sprung (Board Game)


  • In Red's Mighty Feathers & Short Fuse, the pigs are in their Chrome Version
  • You can only get the Shockwave power on Short Fuse 26-3 (Briefly)
    • On Lunix tablets you get the Shockwave power on 26-2
  • You get 10 Shockwaves for Free and buying it for £0.69. (US$0.99)

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