Players are challenged by respective birds each day, given 8 hours to complete a daily challenge.

  • Monday - Red's Rumble
  • Tuesday - Blues' Brawl
  • Wednesday - Chuck's Challenge
  • Thursday - Matilda Mayhem
  • Friday - Silver Slam
  • Saturday - Bomb's Blast
  • Sunday - Terence Trial

If they do not have the respective bird, he will not be able to attempt the daily challenge.

The daily challenge consists of 3 stages, stage 1, stage 2 (hard level) and boss stage. If the player pusses the icon turns into a green tick, they will get AB2 Terence Feather × 400 of the respective bird, AB2 Premium Chest × 1, GoldenDuckCard × 1, HotChiliCard × 1, and AB2BlackPearl × 30. At any point the player fails or quits the icon turn into a red cross, the progress will reset and they will lose a heart.

If the players can beat the daily challenge, player can unlock the King Pig Panic, how ever all 3 levels are boss levels, with the higher rewards: AB2 Terence Feather × 1,000 of the respective bird, AB2 Premium Chest × 1, GoldenDuckCard × 1, and AB2BlackPearl × 100 consisting in 3 stages with a 1 hour time limit.


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