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List of all the avatar sets

Avatar Set 1

Unlocked within the first start of the game alongside Facebook profile picture if connected to Facebook.

AB2 Avatar 1

Avatar Set 2

Unlocked at New Pork City.

AB2 Avatar 2

Avatar Set 3

Unlocked at Eggchanted Woods.

AB2 Avatar 3

Avatar Set 4

Unlocked at Chirp Valley.

AB2 Avatar 4

Avatar Set 5

Unlocked at Shangham.

Avatar Set 6

Unlocked at Greasy Swamp.

Avatar Set 7

Unlocked at Greenville.

Avatar Set 8

Unlocked at Steakholm.

Avatar Set 9

Unlocked at Misty Mire.

Avatar Set 10

Unlocked at Pigsyland.

Avatar Set 11

Unlocked at Snotting Hill.

Avatar Set 12

Unlocked at Fluttering Heights.

Avatar Set 13

Unlocked at Mount Evernest.

Avatar Set 14

Unlocked at Ham Francisco.

Avatar Set 15

Unlocked at Pig Bay.

Avatar Set 16

Unlocked at Gravity Grove.

Avatar Set 17

Unlocked at The Pig Apple.

Avatar Set 18

Unlocked at The Hamalayas.

Avatar Set 19

Unlocked at Madagooscar.

Avatar Set 20

Unlocked at Hamberg.

Avatar Set 21

Unlocked at Oinklahoma.

Avatar Set 22

Unlocked at Hamazonas.

Avatar Set 23

Unlocked at Copacabacon.

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