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Complete activities to earn rewards. Each activity have their own score. Fill the bar to unlock more rewards every 30 score.

Task rewards

Task-based rewards

Task number Task Reward Score
1 Get golds in the Gold Mine Once 2000 golds 5
2 Challenge anyone in the arena 200 badges 5
3 Finish 1 Guild Challenge 100 Contributions 5
4 Play the Trial Tower once 20 Enhance Gems 5
5 Challenge in the Tournament for 4 times 5 Quick Combat Cards 5
6 Refreshing the Birds' Shop once 20 Pet Gems 5
7 Purchase Crystals in General Shop 10 Diamonds 5
8 Purchase Enhance Gems in General Shop 10 Diamonds 5
9 Send 1 gift to your friend 5 Quick Combat Cards 5
10 Plant a chest seed 2000 golds 5
11 Trigger Firend's Pet Event 3 times 5 Quick Combat Cards 5
12 Summon pets for 5 times 1 Summon Token 10
13 Purchase energy once 10 Diamonds 10
14 Fly 100 km in endless league 2 Endless Phase 2 Tickets 10
15 Join Duet Mode once 5 Quick Combat Cards 10
16 Level up any pet once 2000 EXP Potions 10
17 Enhance any gear once 2000 golds 10
18 Attempt to play any stage 2000 EXP Potions 10
19 Make 1 purchase in the Birds' Shop 50 Pet Gems 10
20 Summon Pets with diamonds once 188 Diamonds 20
21 Pay any recharge once 1 The Super Gift Pack Pack for Everyday Recharge 40

Score-based rewards

Score needed Rewards
30 2000 golds, 1 Refresh Token and 1000 EXP
60 5000 golds, 1 Summon Token and 2000 EXP
90 30 Diamonds, 10 Refresh Tokens and 4000 EXP
120 100 Diamonds, 50 Enhance Gems, 1 Feather, 1 Diamond Seed Chest and 8000 EXP



Complete quest to earn rewards.

There are Main objectives and Sub objectives.

Below is the list of objectives:

Objectives Rewards
Team level up to level X
Increase Guild Daily Challenge Task quality once 50 Diamonds
Complete daily task once 500 Contributions
Clear Stage X Player Experience, Experience Potion and Diamonds
All Birds Upgrade into a X star Diamonds
Upgrade a pet into a X grade
Get a total X arena wins
Purchase a specific fragment in the Birds' Shop
Duet Battle with X players
Challenge Duet for X times
Clear X th floor of Trial Tower
Challenge Endless League X times

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