AB Ace Fighter Arena

In Arena mode, players may challenge another players in a ranked battle. They will challenge in choice of 3 players above their ranking.

To unlock Arena, you must reach after Level 15.


AB Ace Fighter Arena 1

The C.E. is broken into two parts:

  • Attack C.E.: Your attack power.
  • Defense C.E.: Your monster's defense power.

From top to bottom:

  • Badge Shop: Purchase new defense monsters and new main bosses.
  • Ranking: View leaderboard arena ranking.
  • My Rank: Displays your arena ranking.
  • Challenge Chances: The remaining challenges before running out, additional 1 chance costs 10 gems.
  • Reward: View rewards arena ranking prizes.
  • Battle report: ??? (Unavailable)
  • Defense Team: Build your own defense team.


The player will be challenged in the defense team layout set by the opponent. This is the same as encountering a boss in stage battle. Players will be prohibited from using Angry Mode and Special Skill Bomb, and the only attacks are from Gun and Pet Skill attacks. The time allocated for 30 seconds to defeat the Main Boss Pig otherwise the player loses.

They will be rewarded with badges for every battle. It can be used to buy items in badge shop. If they win and climbed into a higher rank, they will be rewardrd eith diamonds sent into the mailbox.

Defense Team

AB Ace Fighter Arena 2

Change your defense team, boss and monsters.

Some of the monsters or bosses requires fragments or a required VIP points. The auto assign can be selected to automatically adjust each monster's position. Previewing your defense team can be done by tapping preview team option.

Badge Shop

AB Ace Fighter Arena 3

Purchase pets, pet's fragments, feathers, runes, soul fragments and monster's fragments using the badges earned. It can be purchased up to the limit weekly.

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