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Join a co-op battle with a teammate.

AB Ace Fighter Duet 1

It shows the total score of the player, remaining chances for today, and check for rewards.

The rewards will tally at 2.00am GMT+8.

There are 6 stages:

  1. South Beach
  2. Graveyard
  3. Cobalt Plateous
  4. Snow Mountain
  5. Pighead Mountain
  6. Pig City

After deciding a stage, it will scan for the available rooms. If there are no rooms available, the player may refresh the list, create their own room or automatch. They may also search using the room ID.

When creating a room, it will bring up the create room dialog, choose the available stages, a name (up to 12 characters) for the room and an optional password, and the required minimum level for the teammate to enter the room.

Medal Shop

AB Ace Fighter Duet 2

The player will be able to buy gear and its fragments in the medal shop.

The list will reset at 3:00am, 12:00pm, 4:00pm and 9:00pm GMT +8. The reset can be initiated manually with 3 chances.


When the room was shown in the list, there is an image recycled from the original Angry Birds loading screen.

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