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The goal of this challenge mode is to survive as long as possible until the end of the chapter.

AB Ace Fighter Endless 2

Players will be given 20 chances in the endless league.  The total score will be shown next to the available chances.

The player will now choose which phase to start off with. The first phase will be free, and the remaining three phases will cost an additional respective phase ticket and coins.

For a list of Chapters in Endless League, see Angry Birds Ace Fighter/Challenge/Endless League/Chapters.

EL Bronze Pack

AB Ace Fighter Endless 6 (EL Bronze Pack) can be refilled one by waiting for the specific time or paying 20 gems by tapping AB Ace Fighter Plus.

AB Ace Fighter Endless 4

Note: This chest purchase dialog prompt has a language error bug despite the main language in English. From now on, the yellow option cancels the purchase and the green option purchase additional refill.

Team Rank

The team ranking can be viewed in a ranking level group.

In Battle

Players will have a rampage headstart, last up to 3 stages. Defeat the boss to receive AB Ace Fighter Endless 6. The game continues until the player is knocked out with no revive chances remaining (can be only be revived up to 3 times), chose not to revive within the revival countdown or reaches the end of the chapter. The number of AB Ace Fighter Endless 6 received will be sent into your bag.

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