In tournament, players will be given a list of 9 CPU players to be completed with.

AB Ace FIghter Tournament 2

Every 1 win will be rewarded with a chest once.
Every 4 wins will be rewarded with a chest once.
Win all the CPU player battles to be rewarded with a chest.

It will list the opponents and their C.E.

Players have the other options of resetting the challenge. They may chose Auto Challenge if they want to.

The maximum chances allowed to challenge is 10, after reaches the limit, they will reset manually.

In battle screen

Fight will be auto battle, players may skip after some time period.

The player with the more remaining HP will be the winner.

Emblem Shop

Players may purchase items, pets, pet fragments, endless phase tickets and special skill bombs in the emblem shop. It requires emblems and/or pet gems.

AB Ace Fighter Tournament 3

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