In the home screen, there are options the player is able to go to.

From top left to top right:

  • User Profile: Displays your profile picture, your name, your experience level, VIP level and your C.E. You may adjust the game settings from here.
  • Friends: A list of friends. The player is able to add/remove friends.
  • Altas: A collection of pets.
  • Mail: A mailbox to accept rewards from Stella, arena award ranking prizes and duel.
  • Rewards: Collect your rewards.
  • Recharge: Top-up diamonds using real cash. This will increase the VIP experience points.
  • Events: A list of active events. Includes discounts, daily month cards, etc.
  • Celebrations: A list of events to complete and get rewards. (removed in version 1.1.10)
  • Chat: Chat with the players in the server or your guild players.

From left to right:

  • Academy: Train your birds.
  • Compose: Compose a higher star rank items using required materials.
  • Rune: A list of all runes that the player has.
  • Decompose: Scrap your pets, runes or your pets fragments.
  • General Store: Buy gold, crystals
  • Summon Pet: Summon a pet.
  • Birds: Manage your birds.
  • Aircrafts: Manage your aircrafts.
  • Pets: Manage your pets and its fragements.
  • Gear: Manage your gear and its fragements.
  • Guild: Join or manage your guild members.
  • Birds' Shop: Buy pet's fragments, crystals, exp pools.
  • Trader: Buy gears and its fragments.
  • Homeland: Plant seeds, get rewards from friends, achievements and leaderboard rankings.
  • Lab: Research on birds, aircraft, pets, gun and bird launcher for increased stats.

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