ABAceFighter Altas

Altas list all the pets, aircraft, guns and bird launchers.

Pet Altas

Each pet are classified as Fire (ABAceFighter FireSymbol), Water (ABAceFighter WaterSymbol, Wind (ABAceFighter WindSymbol), and Dark (ABAceFighter DarkSymbol) elements. They can be filtered into one's preference.

Power features

  • L - The skill will act in a vertical straight line.
  • TK - The skill will track enemies.
  • BC -The skill will bounce among enemies or sides of the screens.
  • S - The skill will act or attack in separated different angles in a range.
  • DOT - The skill will make DOTs to make sustained damages on enemies.
  • CW - The skill will create a energy wave to clear all enemies' bullets.
  • SS - The skill will make you transformed into another creature and be invincible.
  • SH - The skill will create a shield for you.
  • CA - The skill will circling around you and hurt enemies close.
  • F - The skill will freeze enemies.
  • SW - The skill will act in a snake-shaped way.
  • DF - The skill will create something to block bullets from enemies.

(*) Note: Although this game added English support, the translation may not be correct. That's how their description are in the game.