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Compose Rune


There are 5 elements, namely:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Physical

Select on of the elements and slot in three runes. Costs 1 Fusion gem and 1000 coins. You will get a higher rune grade. The better your rune material, the better your rune output.

Aircraft Compose

There are two categories of composition,

  • Junior Compose
  • Senior Compose

Junior Compose

There are 3 ways to compose, resulting in 3 aircraft:

  • Random 4-star aircraft with quality 16
  • Random 5-star aircraft with quality 24
  • Random 5-star aircraft with quality 32

Insert your materials into the 5 slots for a respective desired aircraft.

Senior Compose

There is only one way to compose a senior random 5-star quality 32 aircraft. However, there are only 3 slots available for this composition.

AB Ace Fighter Compose 6

Gun Compose

The same steps as Aircraft Composition.

Bird Launcher Compose

The same steps as Aircraft Composition.

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