ABAceFighter Rune

A list of all the runes the player has.

AB Ace Fighter Rune 1

The capacity of the rune storage is able to hold up to 100. Additional expansion of each 10 slot requires 50 diamonds.

Upgrade Rune

AB Ace Fighter Rune 2

The upgrade materials will be required:

  1. Rune Tablet
  2. Gold
  3. Rune material

Once done, the increased stats will be reflected.

List of Runes

Corpse credits new

Unfinished list

This list is incomplete. You can help Angry Birds Wiki by expanding it, then removing this template.

This is the list of Runes.

There are two symbols that represents Runes:

ABAceFighter Symbol14 ABAceFighter Symbol15

Note: It has 23 Runes in total, it's unknown how many Runes are there in the game.

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