To view your profile is to tap your username on the top-left corner.

  • Rename: Rename your username.
  • Change frame: Change your frame. Frames can be unlocked by reaching arena ranking or a required VIP rank.
  • Change avatar: Change your profile avatar. More avatars can be unlocked by owning new parts or unlocking birds.
  • VIP privileges: Review your VIP level and accessible privileges.
  • Level: Your current level.
  • Exp: Displays experience points.
  • Account ID: Account identification number.
  • Watch replays: Watch a replay cutscenes.
  • Push messages: Turn on or off push notifications.
  • System settings: Adjust settings.
    • VIP2 players may change the quick combat in Tournament settings.
  • Return login: Logoff to the main screen.

List of Frames


In the earlier version of the v1.0.5, the Watch Replays is spelled as 'Watch Replys". This is a typo error.

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