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This is a list of pigs in Angry Birds Ace Fighter.


  • Bee Pig
  • Guard Pig
  • Aerospace Pig
  • Ghost Pig
  • Pirate Pig
  • Shaman Pig
  • Camouflage pig
  • Kamen Pig
  • Transport Pig
  • General Pig
  • Parachute Pig
  • Dance Pig
  • Pudding Pig
  • Balloon Pig
  • Magic Pig
  • Assault Pig
  • Ice Pig
  • Lights Pig
  • Pumpkin Pig
  • Magic Pig
  • The Original Pig
  • Cowboy Pig
  • UFO Pig
  • Mate Pig
  • Death Pig
  • Bomb Pig
  • Fighter Pig
  • Radar Pig
  • Greedy Pig
  • Paint Pig
  • Lantern Pig
  • Red Cannon Pig
  • Apple Pig
  • Flame Pig
  • Mask Pig


The player is given 30 seconds to defeat the boss. Once the timer is up, extra blue missiles will be launched to inflict damage to the player. If the player attacks the another player's defense formation the player loses.

  • Steel Gatlin
  • Rock Giant Pig
  • Alien Pig
  • Pig Swordman
  • Mechanical Ape
  • Enchanted Bettle
  • Dragon Knight Pig
  • Rune Scorpion
  • Turtle Pig
  • Greedy Pig
  • Instructor Pig
  • Mechanical Spider
  • Tycoon Pig
  • Steel Airship
  • Pig Bomber
  • Magic Doll
  • Student Pig
  • King Pig
  • Steel Airship
  • Mechanical Warship

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