This is the list of unused content from the game, Angry Birds Ace Fighter.


Pets' Third Evolve

When you select Pets' info and tap "Skins", it'll show their evolution. Their second evolve will be unlock when they upgrade to Grade 3. There's a third evolve that says "Coming Soon...". Unfortunately, it was scrapped as the game was discontinued.

ABAceFighter SpiritSkin

Arena's Battle report

When you tap "Battle report" on Arena, it says "System unavailable, coming soon~". This was scrapped as the game was discontinued.


In v1.0.4: The Summoning Pet Egg Hatchling video was removed. It will reappear in v1.1.10

Pet Voices

In v1.0.5: The Chinese voices was removed in the third patch of the Angry Birds Ace Fighter when English was selected. It was only used in either Chinese Simplified and Traditional.

In v.1.10: Pet voices were restored.

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