The Angry Birds Bing Videos are about the Angry Birds and the Pigs using Bing the search engine to help each other win against one another.

Episode 1

1. Episode 1 is about the pigs using Bing to find out how to get to the eggs without the birds finding out.

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 100:15

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 1

Episode 2

2. Episode 2 is about the pigs getting the map for the digging to the nest and stealing the eggs.

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 200:15

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 2

Episode 3

3. Episode 3 is about the birds turning around and finding out that their eggs are missing and they assume the pigs stole them and use Bing to buy a pig tricking kit.

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 300:15

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 3

Episode 4

4. Episode 4 is about the pigs ready to cook the eggs when they hear a whistle and turn around to find a Female Pig and they rush to it. Then, they run over a catapult and get flung through the air into a stone castle (giving the birds 10,000 points in the process), revealing that the Female Pig was just a cardboard cutout. Then the Birds get an anger management deal, and can't decide whether to accept it or not

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 400:20

Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 4


  • Even though there were three pigs that were killed, 10,000 points were awarded to the birds instead of 15,000.
    • In fact, if a pig was killed in the Bing video 4, instead of 5,000 points, about 3,333 points are awarded.
  • The crate used in the videos resemble the crates from Angry Birds Rio. Also, the same music from the cutscenes of Angry Birds Rio is used in the first two Bing videos.
  • When the pig text he said ho ge egg.

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