Angry Birds Blast!
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Length (in levels): 270 (soft launch)
Rovio Entertainment
Released: July 15, 2016 (Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Poland; soft-launch)

December 22, 2016 (Worldwide Release)

Platforms: iOS, Android
Ratings: ESRB: TBA
Genre: Puzzle, tap-to-match
Version(s): 1.3.4
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Angry Birds Blast! (stylized as AB BLAST!) is a tap-to-match puzzle game developed by Mybo and published by Rovio Entertainment.


This gameplay requires to pop 2 or more balloons of the same color to free the birds. By popping balloons, it will increase the score on top. By forming more balloons, a powerful booster can be used such as to clear a single balloon color, clear in a single column or row of the board. If the moves is reduced is zero, the player will either pay 25 ABBlast Gold Failing a level will subtract by 1 live and if all lives are lost, the player must wait for 30 minutes to recharge one or paying 18 (ABBlast Gold) to refill full set of lives to continue playing. The map level selection is similar to Angry Birds POP! and there are different types of game modes that can be found.

The will be cases where level objectives are combined to be cleared by the player. There are different kinds of objectives shown:

  • Collect ABBlast Red Transparency - Pop the required number of bird's balloon to complete the level.
  • Collect ABBlast Pigs Transparency - Pop the pigs by popping the balloons around them.
  • Collect ABBlast Egg Basket Transparency - Collect baskets by bringing into the collector.
  • Collect Balloon Pigs - Pop the balloon pigs required to complete the level.





There are two currencies in this game:

  • Silver (ABBlast Silver) - Basic game currency to purchase boosters before starting the level.
  • Gold (ABBlast Gold) - Purchase emergency items, such as when running out of moves.


There are various of powerups that can be used in the gameplay.

Before playing the level

  • Bomb: Give a headstart by replacing one of the tile with a bomb.
  • Extra 3 moves: Give a +3 moves as a head start.
  • Scramble: Shuffles the whole grid.

In the level

  • Slingshot: Removes a selective choice of an area.
  • Scramble: Shuffles the whole area.



Quests are tasks to complete by obtaining Hatchlings from completing some levels where the Hatchling is shown on the map.


ABBlast Journey 1

Area Release Levels Number of Stars
1 Beach Day From Angry Birds Stella December 22, 2016 1-45 135
2 Piglantis From Angry Birds Seasons December 22, 2016 46-90 135
3 Desert Island December 22, 2016 91-135 135
4 Cobalt Plateaus From Angry Birds 2 December 22, 2016 135-180 135
5 Pig City From Angry Birds 2 December 22, 2016 181-225 135
6 Castle Gardens December 22, 2016 225-270 135


For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Blast!/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Blast!/Gallery.



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