Angry Birds Candy is a kind of candy, looking like the Angry Birds Birds, eggs, pigs and Blocks. It is made by a co-production of Fazer Confectionery Ltd. and Rovio Entertainment Ltd..

For all the candies, see here.

Angry Birds Candybags

Candy Bags

The Candies and Their Tastes

In The Birds Bag

FAB bag redbird

The Birds Bag

In The Pigs Bag

FAB bag pig

The Pigs Bag

The Lollipops and Their Tastes

The Chewing Gums and Their Tastes

In The Birds Bag

FAB chewing gum redbird

The Birds Bag

Strawberry and Eucalyptus.

In The Pigs Bag

Spearmint and Pear.

FAB chewing gum big

The Pigs Bag


The Candies Film

The Birds and Pigs were fighting with the EggsThe Blues were enjoying the fight, until they noticed that a Blue Bird was missing. Until it was just them as the candies. The Blues noticed it. Then they saw Red eating the Blue Bird. Then they all giggled, then they ate the candies.

Fazer Angry Birds TV-film 201200:31

Fazer Angry Birds TV-film 2012

The candies film

The Lollipops and Chewing Gums Film

Both, but without the fight and the Red Bird eating the blue chewing gum.

For the lollipops and chewing gums film, tap here.

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