Angry birds card game

Angry Birds Card Game package.

Angry Birds Card Game is a card game based on Angry Birds that was released in 2011 by Mattel. The contents of the Card Game are 36 Structure cards (Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Mighty Eagle, x2), 20 Special Power cards (+1, Pig, Re-roll, BOOM!, No Launch), two dice (each consisting of six sides, i.e. five single birds and one Wild) and one paper King Pig with stand.


Two to five players are required to play the game. Each player is dealt six Structure cards to be arranged in a line to form a "castle", and two Special Power cards which must be faced away from the other players.

The objective of the game is to discard all Structure cards and knock down the King Pig with a flick of the die. In order to do so, each player must throw the dice to try to "knock out" the structure one by one in order, beginning with the card that is closest to him/her. For this, the player must roll a bird that matches with the first card on either die. If both birds on the dice match with the first two birds in his/her castle, the player can remove both cards at once. To knock out the x2 card, one must roll any two matching birds.

Throwing the Wild side (all five birds in one sticker) of either die allows the player to knock out whatever first card (s)he has regardless of the other die, including the x2 card, the as it indicates that "any bird" can be knocked out. If the player doesn't produce the bird needed, (s)he may take another Special Power card from the pile. Each player can only have three cards at a time; to take a fourth one, the player has to discard one card in his/her hand.

Besides rolling the dice, a player can play one Special Power card at a turn, whether the dice roll was successful or not.

  • +1: forces the opponent to add another card at the first position of his/her Structure. Playable on player's turn only
  • Pig: allows the player to give a x2 card to an opponent. Playable on player's turn only
  • Re-roll: allows the player to re-roll on his/her turn, or forces opponent to re-roll on their turn. Playable at any time
  • BOOM!: allows the player to knock out any (not necessarily the first) of his/her Structure cards instantly. Playable on player's turn only
  • No launch: forces the opponent to lose their turn. Playable at any time

Once his/her whole structure is knocked out, the player reaches the end-game, in which (s)he attempts to knock down the standing King Pig with a flick of the die. If successful, the player wins the game; if not, the player has to wait till his/her next turn.

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