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Angry Birds Comics is a comic books series based on the hit mobile app Angry Birds. It was published by IDW Publishing,with the help of Rovio.It was released in June 2014.






List of Writers

  • Paul Tobin
  • Jeff Parker
  • Janne Toriseva

List of Artists

  • Paco Rodriques
  • Marco Gervasio
  • Cesar Ferioli
  • Stefano Intini
  • Corrado Mastantuono
  • Diane Fayolle
  • Thomas Cobellic

List of Coloring Artists

  • Julie Gore
  • David Garcia Cruz
  • Digikore Studios
  • Nicola Pasquetto
  • Corrado Mastantuono
  • Thomas Cobellic

List of Lettering Artists

  • Pisara Oy
  • Rovio Comics


  • Terence and Bubbles are the only ones who doesn't talk in the comics.
  • This is the second time that there mentioned the places in Piggy Island,The first one is Angry Birds Epic.
  • Sometimes when Paco Rodriques is the artist in a story,Professor Pig's design is different.
  • In Propiganda, Jay is renamed Jon.

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