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Angry Birds Comics #1 (2016)

324507. SX360 QL80 TTD Regular Cover

3155882 Subscription Cover

ABs2-01-cvrRI-d51f7-69a171 Retailer Incentive Cover

Publication Details
Issue 1
Date January 10, 2016
Publisher IDW Publishing
Price $3.99 (US) 81.99 Lei (Only Auchan Romania in Satu Mare)
Writers Paul Tobin
Artist Paco Rodriques, Stefano Intini
Colourists Digikore, Stefano Intini
Letters Rovio Comics, Pisara Oy
Editor David Hedgecock
Flatter N/A
Angry Birds Comics
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Angry Birds Comics #12 TBA

Angry Birds Comics Issue 1 (2016) is the first issue of 2016 of Angry Birds Comics.

Comic Strips

Angry Bird

Master Pig Theatre presents: The Three Minionteers

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