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Angry Birds Comics #9


ABComicsIssue9 SubCvr Subscription Cover

Publication Details
Issue 9
Date March 2015
Publisher IDW Publishing
Price $3.99 (US)
Writers Jannie Toriseva, Glenn Dakin, Paul Tobin
Artist Cesar Ferioli, Oscar Martin & Comicup Studio
Colourists Digikore Studios, Comicup Studio
Letters Rovio Comics
Editor David Hedgecock
Flatter N/A
Angry Birds Comics
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Angry Birds Comics #8 Angry Birds Comics #10

Angry Birds Comics Issue 9 is the ninth issue of Angry Birds Comics.

Comic Strips

Seven League Pigs

  • Seven League Pigs: Page 1
  • Seven League Pigs: Page 2
  • Seven League Pigs: Page 3
  • Seven League Pigs: Page 4
  • Seven League Pigs: Page 5
  • The other pages are now no longer available. Buy the book in the stores to see how the birds will defeat these super-sized pigs!

Feeding Frenzy

  • Feeding Frenzy: Page 1
  • Feeding Frenzy: Page 2
  • Feeding Frenzy: Page 3
  • Worms have return to Pig City! Could this be the end of Pig City?! Buy the book in the stores to see what happens next!

The Test

  • The Test: Page 1

Cover Gallery

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