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Angry Birds Epic
Promotional image
General Info
Length (in levels): 262 levels (263 levels if you count the Golden Pig level)
Chimera Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: Canada, New Zealand and Australia - March 17, 2014 (soft launch, iOS);
Worldwide - June 12
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Ratings: ESRB: Rating Pending
Genre: Turn-based Role Playing Game
Version(s): 1.0.15 (Android), 1.0.12 (iOS)

Angry Birds Epic is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing video game released in 2014. Like Angry Birds Go! and Bad Piggies, the gameplay isn't like the original Angry Birds game, to which the game doesn't play similarly to the original game. Instead, you will help the birds to defeat the pigs not by launching them, but by controlling them.

Facebook announced that the game will soft launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand later this week. It was released on March 17, 2014 in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and was released worldwide on June 12, 2014.


The gameplay of Angry Birds Epic is not as of the original Angry Birds Game - instead of flinging them, you get to control them. But like all the other Angry Birds Games, Rovio still maintained the mechanics' simplicity. To attack, simply swipe from a Bird whose turn is not yet used to a Pig when it is your turn. Tap a bird to use its secondary skill on itself (varies per bird and birds' classes), or swipe a bird (turn yet not used on your turn) to a bird to use its secondary skill on the other bird. During a battle, a Chili Pepper - called the Rage Chili - below will slowly fill whenever someone (bird or pig) is attacked or damaged. When filled, can be swiped to a bird whose turn is not used yet or does not have the effect that prevents them from using it to launch its special attack (such as Numbing Poison, etc.). Primary and secondary skills will change when the player swaps a bird's class. Majorly, changing class increases the number of birds that can be affected by a secondary skill.

The three-star system is still present, but the game will not present the score of the player during battle. Rovio made three-starring levels more important because the number of stars will also represent the number of crafting and brewing ingredients to be given to the player via the "wheel of fortune". After retrieving the anvil and buying the cauldron, players can use the earned ingredients to craft better weapons, off-hand items and potions, but can only craft them when they earn a blueprint of it, from treasure chests, buy it via in-game currency (mainly Snoutlings) and resource givers. When a player crafts an item, a dice will roll and determine how much damage, health or quantity will be added when the player uses it, but getting a three-star item adds the number of health, attack, or quantity it's description promised. Headgears, the items that change/determine a bird's class, do not have to be crafted.

The game features three kinds of currency:

  • Snoutlings, a common type of currency, are used to buy blueprints, classes, crafting materials, class and potion upgrades. These can be earned by defeating pigs, winning treasure chests, damaging Wealthy Rogues, damaging enemies with Piggy Mc'Cool, finishing daily dungeons and purchased with Lucky Coins. The player can also get a few Snoutlings as a consolation prize if he/she loses a battle.
  • Lucky Coins, however, are more rare and used to buy certain classes, spin the Golden Pig Machine, hire the Mighty Eagle, buy permanent upgrades and emergency consumables in battle. They can be earned by defeating the Daily Golden Pig, leveling up (until you reach the max level which is currently 33), winning treasure chests or purchased with real money.[1]
  • The Essence of Friendship is more different. It can be earned by asking Friends (like the friendship gate), bought with Lucky Coins, it is rewarded when a friend uses one's bird, and it is one of the items that you get when you scrap a Legendary Set Item. It is used to reroll the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice.[1]


King Pig hires Wiz Pig (Chef Pig) and Prince Porky (Freckled Pig) to steal the eggs, and so they go on a journey with a small Pig army to get the eggs. The Pigs locate the eggs along  with Red (who was making soup) and Chuck (who was sleeping). The Pigs ambush Red and Chuck and as a result Wiz Pig succeeds in stealing the eggs and Prince Porky along with his Pig army manage to birdnap Chuck while they leave Red behind. Wiz Pig places one of the 5 eggs on a castle. Red journeys through Piggy Island to rescue Chuck, save the eggs (one egg at a time), save Matilda's garden, befriend Professor Pig, help Bomb defeat the pirate pigs who are attempting to take charge of his ship and save the Blues from the pirate pigs. After a few epic adventures, Red and his team (Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and the Blues) save 4 eggs. The fifth - and final - egg is held in King Pig's castle. The Birds reach and enter King Pig's castle. They defeat King Pig and Prince Porky, but Wiz Pig manages to escape with the egg. He also steals King Pig's crown. King Pig starts crying while the Birds and Prince Porky get angry. Wiz Pig creates his own castle on the top of a mountain and he settles there. 5 other wizard pigs appear and create a protection shield around Wiz Pig's castle. The Birds battle their way to Wiz Pig's castle defeating one wizard pig at a time. The shield goes down and the Birds enter the castle. After a small battle, Wiz Pig transforms into his ultimate form - Demonic Wiz Pig. Luckily, Prince Porky joins the Birds in the epic battle and together they defeat Wiz Pig. Victory - the Birds get the final egg back while Prince Porky gets King Pig's crown back and gives it back to King Pig.


The game is notably set on Piggy Island, and there are many sections of Piggy Island where the levels are placed.

  • South Beach
    • South Beach (4 levels)
    • Cornucopia Woods (1 level)
  • Cobalt Plateaus
    • Pig Prison (1 level)
    • Cobalt Plateaus (12 levels)
    • Cobalt Pig Castle (1 level)
    • Matilda's Garden (1 level)
    • Puzzle Bridge (1 level)
    • Southern Cobalt Plateaus (1 level)
    • Western Cobalt Plateaus (1 level)
    • Eastern Cobalt Plateaus (8 levels, levels 7-8 are behind a Red Pig Gate, levels 5-8 are behind both a Red Pig Gate and a Blue Pig Gate)
  • Golden Fields
    • Golden Fields (4 levels)
    • Beard Forest (2 levels, accessible via a Friendship Gate)
  • Limestone Lagoon
    • Limestone Lagoon (6 levels)
    • The White Whale (1 level)
    • Maelstrom (1 level)
  • Southern Sea
    • Shipwreck Reef (1 level)
    • Southern Sea (4 levels)
  • Desert Island (behind a Yellow Pig Gate)
    • Desert Island (3 levels)
    • Eastern Desert Island (1 level)
    • Desert Pig Castle (1 level)
  • Pirate Coast
    • Pirate Coast (3 levels)
    • Porktuga (Monday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Slingshot Woods
    • Slingshot Woods (6 levels)
    • Western Slingshot Woods (1 level)
    • Northern Slingshot Woods (3 levels, levels 2-3 are behind a Friendship Gate)
    • Eastern Slingshot Woods (1 level)
  • Great Cliffs (4 levels)
  • Star Reef
    • Star Reef (8 levels)
    • Ghost Ship (Tuesday Dungeon, 1 level)
    • Star Reef Castle (1 level)
  • Banjo Bayou (behind a Blue Pig Gate)
    • Banjo Bayou (2 levels)
    • Floating Hoghouse (Wednesday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Bamboo Forest (behind a Blue Pig Gate)
    • Bamboo Forest (9 levels)
    • Western Bamboo Forest (1 level)
    • Volcano Cliff (1 level)
    • Volcano Island (Thursday Dungeon, 1 level)
    • Eastern Bamboo Forest (3 levels, level 1 is behind a Red Pig Gate, levels 2-3 are behind a Friendship Gate)
  • Canyon Land
    • Canyon Land (3 levels)
    • Winter Wonderland (5 levels)
  • Snowy Peak
    • Snowy Peak (3 levels)
    • Mountain Pig Castle (1 level)
  • Islands in the Sky (3 levels)
  • Pumpkin Plateau
    • Pumpkin Plateau (2 levels)
    • Trick or Treat Castle (Friday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Square Forest
    • Square Forest (3 levels)
    • Northern Square Forest (1 level, behind a Red Pig Gate)
  • Red Giant Valley (4 levels, behind a Red Pig Gate, levels 3-4 are behind a Friendship Gate)
  • Eastern Sea
    • Eastern Sea (7 levels, level 6 is behind a Red Pig Gate, level 7 is behind both a Red Pig Gate and a Friendship Gate)
    • Sunken Pyramid (Sunday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Moorlands (3 levels)
  • Lake Land
    • Lake Land (3 levels)
    • Bottomless Cave (Saturday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Northern Sea (4 levels)
  • Old Nesting Barrows (6 levels)
  • Pig City
    • Pig City Harbor (1 level)
    • Pig City (3 levels)
    • King Pig's Castle (1 level)
  • Hog Head Mountain
    • Hog Head Mountain (6 levels)
    • Northern Hog Head Mountain (1 level)
    • Mouth Pool (1 level)
    • Magic Shield (5 levels)
    • Wizpig's Castle (1 level)
  • Chronicle Cave
    • Shaking Hall (10 levels)
    • Rain Plateaus (10 levels)
    • Misty Hollow (10 levels)
    • Cure Cavern (10 levels)
    • Burning Plain (10 levels)
    • Endless Winter (10 levels)
    • Forgotten Bastion (10 levels)
    • Strange Site (10 levels)
    • Pig Lair (10 levels)

Chronicle Cave levels are unique because they have different effects that make defeating all pigs and getting 3-stars more and more challenging, here are the factors that make these levels more challenging (besides the fact that some levels are 10-wave battles).

  • Shaking Hall - Deadly Grip: Deals 100 damage to a random bird, every 2 turns.
  • Rain Plateaus - Healing Waters: Heals all pigs by 150 health, every 2 turns.
  • Misty Hollow - Poison Clouds: Deals 40 damage to all birds, every 2 turns.
  • Cure Cavern - Ice Prison: Stuns a random bird for 1 turn, every 3 turns.
  • Burning Plain - Breath Of Fire: Deals 55 damage to all birds, every 2 turns.
  • Endless Winter - Water Of Life: Health of all pigs increased by 25%.
  • Forgotten Bastion - Tranquil Air: Rage Chili fills up 75% slower.
  • Strange Site - Immunity: Pigs' helpful effects are not removable.
  • Pig Lair - Pig Pen: Summons 1 pig, every 2 turns.


See Epic Characters

Items and Equipment

See Equipment in Angry Birds Epic


  • Like Angry Birds GO!Angry Birds Epic shows the characters' toons design. (except for Corporal Pig, which has its old Toons design.)
  • This is currently the only game where the birds do not primarily use the Slingshot.
    • This is also currently the only game where the Mighty Eagle is shown not silhouetted.
    • This is also currently the only game that shows 5 eggs, instead of the normal 3.
  • This game currently is the only game where getting Zero Stars is possible, but is only for the items, not the level.
  • Most of the levels' difficulties are "Considerably hard".
  • The Birds laugh if Pigs use feathered swords to attack them (except Lancer).
  • The shield with the icon at the left below in the poster is the Star Banner shield, see here.
  • All the characters that appear on the map (except for the Royal Guard) are just dressed in costumes.
    • Prince Porky is the role of Freckles.
    • Wiz Pig is the role of Chef Pig.
    • Pilot Pigs (Hot Air Balloon, Airship, and Submarine) are the roles of Foreman Pig.
  • However, Professor Pig and King Pig are not in costumes.
  • Even though officially named "Matilda", the game states that her name is "White" (except when unlocking her). This was true prior to the worldwide release.
  • This is the first game and currently the only game with three types of currency: Snoutlings, Lucky Coins, and Essence of Friendship.
  • This is the second game where a player must have an active internet connection to play the Main Levels, the First being Angry Birds Friends (mobile).
  • There are gates scattered in the game unlockable by collected keys (colored Pig Gates) and inviting friends (Friendship Gates) that when opened, it unlocks a level, but are not required to be opened to finish the game.
  • The game may say that there's an end in Chronicler Cave, but there won't be because Rovio is constantly adding new levels to it.
  • As you level up, the enemies of the Castle and Dungeon levels will also level up - their level will be the same as yours. The characters which you are able to borrow for the Dungeon and Cave levels - Prince Porky, Pigiana Jones and Piggy Mc'Cool - also level up.
  • The pig who sells the snoutlings, resources, potions, etc... is the pig from the Toons episode True Blue?.
  • A part of the end of the story in Angry Birds Epic is inspired from the Episode "Trojan Egg", where Chef Pig tries to take the throne.
  • The Whirlpool Level is incorrectly named in it's Softlaunch Version.
  • In the dungeon levels, it plays the epic map music. (Music when you play Castle Level and when the Wizpig flees and put an egg in a castle)
  • Wizpig's Castle is formerly named Wiz Pig's Castle.
  • Wizpig is formerly named Wiz Pig.
  • Certain things in Epic references other popular media.
    • In one of his costumes, the Foreman Pig has a costume resembling Nintendo's Mario.
    • In one of his costumes, the Ironclad Pig has an attack in one of his costumes, "Winter is Coming." This references HBO's Game of Thrones series.
    • In one of the costumes, the Dark Knight in trick or treat castle resembling what could possibly be Darth Vader, also the attacks are based on star wars Jedi or Sith's attack
    • Hazy Hollow was supposed to be a misty hollow island, where there are few mist and lots of crystals. Instead, it was a cave.
    • Soothing Springs was ment to be the hot springs of the outdoors of the island, but instead found in the cave.
    • Ice Pig nearly resembles as Elsa from Frozen due to his ice powers (except for the costume).
    • The Witch Doctor was supposed to be the sixth level class of Matilda. Instead it is a pig.
    • This is the second time a bird is an antagonist. The first one is Nigel in Angry Birds Rio, and the third is Gale from Angry Birds Stella.
    • Red's second appearance has alliteration.
    • When a player loses at Old Nesting Barrows 4, the laugh of Sword Spirit is the same as Red's laugh.
    • Freckled Pig's role has alliteration.
    • Does anyone know when the next update for the iOS version is coming?
  • Pigiana Jones is a refere ce to Indiana Jones.




Angry Birds Epic - Gameplay Trailer00:45

Angry Birds Epic - Gameplay Trailer


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