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Bird Town

The bird town is where players manage their team, scouts, clan and building up collection list of birds and pigs.

Left Image

Evolve your birds: Evolve into a new form by tapping on the right. (image here) You need to have at least one bird at the maximum level to start the evolution.

Middle Image

Hatchery Hut (Left): Hatch new birds to acquire into your team.

ABEvolution Hatchery

There are three types of eggs:

  • Regular (Free Egg): Hatch a 1-4 star bird. Cost: 50 Friendship points or 1 Free Egg Voucher or wait for every 4 hours.
  • Premium Egg: Hatch 2-5 star birds. Cost: 100 diamonds or 1 Premium Egg Voucher, or wait for every 24 hours.
  • 10 x Premium Egg: Hatch 2-5 star birds on each egg, one of them is a guaranteed 4-star bird. Cost: 10 Premium Egg Vouchers or 900 diamonds.

Scouts (Top-Middle):

View the requirements to unlock the scout marker content.

Clan: (Right) Join a clan (team). Contribute XP to level up the clan.

Your team (Middle): (image here) Manage your birds in a team. You can change your birds. The first bird in the row is the leader and the leader bonus effect will be applied. The team power and your inventory for the birds is listed here. Expansion of the inventory requires

  • +1 inventory slot: 25 Gems
  • +10 inventory slots: 200 Gems

Right Image

Level your birds (Left): Level up your birds.

ABEvolution Level Up

Place the desired bird into the indicated space used as your base bird. The level XP Progress, Health and Attack is shown in this screen. In order to level up, drag another bird as the material on the right. It will increase your base bird level. If the color of your base bird is the same as the material bird, you will get the 2 x XP boost to the base bird. The cost of leveling up the bird will vary on the number of stars base bird.

Repeat the process for the other birds if required.

Your collection (Right): (image here)

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