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Angry Birds Friends, formerly called Angry Birds Facebook, is a collaboration between Rovio and Facebook, announced on the official Facebook page on January 25, 2012. The game was to be released on February 14, 2012, but appeared as a playable version on February 13 as a beta release. The app received a level-update on February 29 and March 29. Powerups originated here.

Rovio and Facebook have collaborated in the past to add extra bonus levels to several Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons episodes.


There is also a mobile version for Angry Birds Friends. It has 6 weekly levels and was released on May 2, 2013. Click here to learn more.

Game Play

The game is similar in most ways to the classic Angry Birds game, but with some notable change allow players to target better, fly longer, and create more damage, but the game can be played without the use of power-ups.

  • Social Media aspects allow players to invite friend
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    App Icon
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    s to play, gift Power-ups to one another.
  • Angry Birds Shop allows players to purchase Power-ups and usage of the Mighty Eagle for their own use or as gifts to other players.
  • Avatars allow users to customize a bird icon for their profile.
  • Bird Coins : These are coins that are given as rewards by winning stars on Weekly Tournament Levels and placing in the Top 3. These came in a update for Angry Birds Friends on February 4th, 2012. You can use these coins to purchase Power UPs, Mighty Eagles, Avatars and Costumes, and Wingmans.
    • Wingman also came in the new update for Angry Birds Friends. You can use this character in weekly tournament levels, only. Terence, dressed up as this Superhero, will help you deal more damage in those Weekly Tournament Levels. Special Superhero Effects like "Bam!" or "Pow!" included when this hero deals damage! But just like any power up in the game, Wingman is limited, so use wisely, or buy more if you have enough Bird Coins. (Note: In Wingman Tournament update. You can use Wingman every levels.)


This game consists of three playable levels, two of which already existed in the classic Angry Birds game. When the app was released, Surf and Turf included 15 exclusive levels. Surf and Turf eventually was released in an update for Angry Birds. The update on February 29 added an additional 15 and usage of the Boomerang Bird. On March 29, a new update gave Surf and Turf 15 stormy, rainy levels they appear to be the last levels. Also, Green Day was removed on December 20th, 2012.

Current episodes

Removed episodes:

Playable Birds


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Foreman Pig

King Pig

Green Day Pigs (removed along with Green Day)

Zombie Pigs

Fat Pig (Zombie Pig)


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Power-Ups can be earned daily or by setting the date on your computer. Or, they can be purchased in the power-up shop.

Sling Scope!- Don't Shoot In the Dark!
Introducing Sling Scope power-up - Looking for the perfect shot? Use Sling Scope laser targeting for pinpoint precision!

Birdquake! - Rattle the Battle!
Introducing Birdquake power-up - Use the Birdquake to bring pigs' defenses crashing to the ground! Rattle the battle!

Super Seeds! - Super Size Your Bird!Banner top superseeds
Introducing Super Seeds power-up - Supersize your bird! Super Seeds turn any bird into a pig-popping giant.

King Sling! - Get Maximum Velocity!
Introducing King Sling power-up - Fling your birds with style AND speed. Upgrade to the almighty King Sling for maximum power and velocity!

There was supposed to be an Egg Bomb power-up where egg bombs with parachutes fall from the sky, but Rovio cut it, probably because it resembled White Bird's power too much.
640px-New Options
The Egg Bomb Parachute on the top right.
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Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is included in the game and functions the same as it does for the Classic game, Rio and Seasons. The one change is that, as with the Power-Ups, the Mighty Eagle has limited uses and additional usage must be earned or purchased through the store.

Social Media

Angry Birds Friends utilizes the social media nature of Facebook in three key areas:

What are those crowns in my level selection screen?
A crown is a visual indicator of your rank among your friends. A gold crown means you have the highest score of all your friends who are playing Angry Birds on Facebook. Silver and bronze crowns are rewards for second and third place respectively. You can see which levels you hold a crown in, in the level selection screen.


On February 11, 2012, Rovio introduced a link via the Angry Birds Facebook page for users to create a customized Bird avatar. The customizations included a crown, cowboy hat, pirate hat and sombrero, a long with three types of sunglasses and an eye patch. Users can chose between Red Bird, Yellow BirdFemale Red Bird, Blue Bird, Boomerang Bird, Bad Piggy, Black Bird, Big Brother Bird, White BirdSuper Red Bird, Egg, Pink Bird & Orange Bird as their customized avatar (only the first three are available for free). A cryptic message about defending the egg with a large flock around a golden egg with a crown can be seen on the site, implying this may have something to do with the storyline of the game.

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All the birds

Avatars were officially released on the site on March 14, 2012 with the launch of the "Bird-O-Matic" tool with several additional items to add to your bird, however most items have a cost associated with them. Additionally, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond backgrounds are offered in the Avatar section after completing a specific threshold of stars. 100 Stars will unlock bronze, 200 Stars will unlock silver, 400 stars will unlock gold, while 600 are needed for diamond.

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Bird-O-Matic promo art
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Bird-o-matic (Avatar customisation).
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The original logo for Angry Birds Facebook included the King Pig's three-pointed crown. However, on March 14, 2012, the logo was changed to include a less-specific crown.

In mid-May, the name has changed to Angry Birds Friends, The logo was also changed to Bomb, Matilda, Chuck, Red and Terence's silhouettes.

Original Logo
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New FB Logo
New Crown Logo
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The new logo changing Angry Birds Facebook to Angry Birds Friends.
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Angry birds friend logo
New Logo Angry Birds Friends
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Facebook Golden/Easter Egg Locations

On April 3, 2012, AB Facebook introduced Golden/Easter Eggs. There were 10 eggs. Here are the locations .


  • Before the new update on February 4th, 2013, Weekly Tournaments are played at nighttime, but in the update, the background are played during the daytime.
  • Just two weeks after the new tournament update with Wingman, February 18th, 2013, another update to Angry Birds Friends updates rivals to the Tournaments, for those who don't have rivals to play against yet. Photos of Chuck the Yellow Bird and Red the Red Bird appear competing in the tournament as CPU rivals. Beat their high score and you're a couple steps closer to winning, unless there are Facebook User opponents.
  • Angry Birds Friends logo got been changed some days after the mobile version got been released.
  • Rovio announced on April 3rd, 2013, that Angry Birds Friends will be coming soon to mobile on iOS and Android device, making this the 6th Angry Birds game in the Angry Birds App/Game series, including its spin-off, Bad Piggies.
  • this is the 2nd apperence of the feamale red bird with the first bieng angry birds seasons



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