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Angry Birds Go!
Angry birds go new
General Info
Platforms: Android
Windows Phone 8
Blackberry 10
Release Date: November 26, 2013 (New Zealand)
November 27, 2013 (Australia)
December 3, 2013 (Brazil)
December 9, 2013 (Mexico)
December 11, 2013 (Worldwide)
Creators: Rovio Mobile
Genre: Racing

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game based on the original game. It is the first 3D Angry Birds game but this the fourth game you can play as pigs, the third being Angry Birds Star Wars II, the second being Bad Piggies and the first being Angry Birds (King Pig Mode). The game involves downhill racing, with upgrade-able vehicles and character-specific powers. The game also uses the Telepods like Angry Birds Star Wars II, as in karts that can be 'teleported' into the game.

It is the seventh installment of Angry Birds, and was released on November 26, 2013 in New Zealand, one day following in Australia, and on December 11, 2013 worldwide. A countdown app was released on October 31st, to see it go to Angry Birds GO! countdown app.


The story starts when the pigs are ready to race on the Piggy Island, while the birds are looking down on them. The Chronicler Pig is making the prizes. The piggy that is in third place will win shoes, the second place piggy will win an apple, and the winner will win a big cake. The birds see the cake and want to eat it, making them join the race with the pigs.


In Angry Birds Go!, there are various racing modes and many characters to race with and against. There are 16 playable characters in the game (the list is below). The very first character that you get to race with is Red. You can recruit more characters by completing events. Each event has a required CC (cake capacity), so make sure you increase your kart's CC by upgrading it. Each racer has cupcakes which show you how many races that character can participate in. Each character has a maximum of 5 cupcakes, and the current time needed for a cupcake to appear is 77 minutes. You can also spend some gems or watch videos to fill up the cupcakes of a character. Karts go through three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To get to these stages, max out all upgrades for your kart. Once you do, you will get an all new kart every time you max out the upgrades. If you have maxed out all the upgrades for a Gold cart, it will stay the same but there will be an icon next to the stats that you have maxed out.


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

Types of Karts

Character Gallery

Special Powers

Each of the characters has different special powers.

  • Red: Activates a speed boost leaving a trail of red flames in the air for about half a second, possibly a reference to his Mighty Feathers Power.
  • Stella: Surrounds herself with a large, transparent, pink bubble that protects her kart from any possible damage while flying through the air and swooping coins and fruits within its radius.
  • Bomb: Detonates his kart, leaving nearby opponent's karts spinning out and damaging them at the same time. His own kart is not affected by the blast.
  • The Blues: Preforms three mini speed boosts. All of these boosts combined are equal to Red's single boost, just sectioned into thirds.
  • King Pig: Rapidly hovers over the track with his balloons, similar to Stella. While flying, you don't need to steer, but you can't collect coins or splat fruits and ice cream cones.
  • Terence: Forms a storm over his own kart, that shocks nearby opponents, leading to their karts spinning out for a while. Although the storm appears to be slightly weaker than Bomb's explosion, Terence also gets a minor speed boost from using his special power.
  • Bubbles: Expands into a large rolling sphere. While rolling with his inflated body, he can swoop up coins, fruits and ice cream cones. It also appears that while inflated, he is able to collect up to three rows of coins, fruit, and ice cream cones. It is a power mixture of Red and Stella
  • Matilda: Launches a propelled egg bomb at racers in front of her. When the egg bomb explodes, it will spin-out any racers nearby.
  • Foreman Pig: Launches dynamite sticks at racers in front of him, which can be used up to three times. Its only disadvantage is its short range, but if a dynamite stick explodes near a racer, they will spin out.
  • Hal: Creates a tornado, sending it forward in a direct line before his kart. Opponent racers who are hit by the tornado, spins out. Additionally, the tornado can collect coins, splat fruits, and destroy blocks and TNT crates in front of him.
  • Corporal Pig: Uses his helmet as a shield, spinning around him. The helmet also speeds up his kart and can be used to spin out nearby racers which can use this up to three times, at once or in separate times, and each helmet lasts for 15 seconds. This ability is a reference to acquiring 3 green shells in various Mario Kart games.
  • Chuck: Uses a mega speed boost. While doing so, time completely stops temporarily, thus giving the player more reaction time on the track. It appears that when racing against Chuck, when he uses his special ability, he will loose a large amount of speed for a portion of around 30 seconds, making it very easy to win a race.
  • Ayrton Senna: Same ability as Chuck.


  1. Weekly Tournament (Angry Birds Go!) (Non-Sequential)
  2. Seedway
  3. Rocky Road
  4. Air
  5. Stunt
  6. Sub Zero


  • Race - A classic race with seven other racers. To pass this event, finish in the top 3.
  • Time Boom - Dodge obstacles and get to the finish line before the time-bomb explodes.
  • Fruit Splat - Race against minion pigs and splat the fruits until the bar is empty. Sub Zero has a counterpart of this called "Ice Splat", where players splat fruit-flavored desserts rather than the fruits themselves.
  • Versus - A race with a single opponent. To pass, simply finish the race before they do. In this event, you can choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard. The harder the difficulty, the more coins you earn.
  • Champion Chase - A duel with a new racer in a track. Defeat them 3 times to recruit them.
  • Slalom - A combination of Time Boom and Fruit Splat where players need to get through the gates before the time runs, but mainly just finish the race in a time limit. But beware, missing a gate will make the game spawn 5 TNT boxes in front of the player and reduce the time you have left. This is inspired by slalom skiing.


  • Coins (Bird Coins): Coins are the main in-game currency. They appear as small gold coins with Red's face on them. They appear in every track and can be collected to increase the amount of awarded coins when finishing a race. They are mainly used to purchase upgrades for the player's karts, but once the player unlocks Rocky Road, they can also be used to purchase new karts as well.
  • Gems (Gem): Gems are the premium in-game currency that are used to purchase new karts or extra uses of special powers. They appear as small, hexagonal, shiny blue gems. Though they are awarded to the player for completing Champion Chase or certain daily events, winning the Weekly Tournament, they can also be found in all tracks regardless of the game mode. As many as three gems can appear on one track, however, unlike coins, gems do not always appear every time a race is started.
  • Coin Doubler (Coin Doubler): As of the March 2014 update for Angry Birds Go!, Coin Doublers appear on race tracks on rare occasions, in the form of large red medals with a Coin icon on them. If collected, the player will receive twice as many awarded coins when he/she completes the race in question. This will give the player a chance to feel the gameplay of the game as if the Coin Doubler power-up is purchased via IAP. It makes a rubber duck noise when collected. Unfortunately, the Coin Doubler no longer appears in races (since v1.3.0 came out) because it's been replaced with Lucky Boxes but it is still available as an in-app purchase.
  • Lucky Boxes (LuckyBoxes): As of the May 2014 update of Angry Birds Go!, Lucky Boxes appear in race tracks in the form of a gift box with a big red bow on top. If collected, the player will receive one of the following: a random amount of coins, a random amount of gems, a power-up, a free kart upgrade, a free cupcake refill, a free challenge skip and a free extra use of a special power. If you rack up the most points in a Weekly Tournament, you get a special type of Lucky Box. This Lucky Box is just like the one you can collect in a race, except this one also has a chance to reward you with a kart. They can also be sent or received via the mailbox feature which came along. Lucky Boxes can only be found when racing in an episode - they can't be found in Daily Events and Weekly Tournament levels. As of the July 2014 update of Angry Birds Go!, the player can also win Lucky Boxes by winning 1st place 5 times in Multiplayer, but the player is unable to share them with friends.


  • King Sling (ABGKingSling): When this Power-Up is activated, the slingshot will become a large, gray, more advanced version of the normal slingshot. When the player takes off from the King Sling, they will be propelled very far, very similar to a headstart. This is the only returning Power-Up in this game, for the King Sling also appears as a Power-Up in Angry Birds. It is also not sponsored.
  • Kart Repair (ABGKartRepair): Prior to the 2015 update, when this Power-Up is activated, the player's kart will automatically be repaired whenever his/her kart is damaged. State Farm lines will appear as the kart is repaired. As mentioned, this Power-Up is sponsored by State Farm. As of the 2015 update of Angry Birds Go, when this Power-Up is activated, the player's kart will automatically be repaired whenever his/her kart is damaged. Lines will appear as the kart is repaired. Like the King Sling and the Leaf Blower, the Kart Repair is not a sponsored Power-Up.
  • Boost (ABGBoost): Prior to the July 2014 update, when this Power-Up is activated, a yellow nitrous pipe will appear on the player's kart, which spouts out Goldfish as it moves. This pipe allows the player's kart to accelerate much faster, as well as increasing its top speed. As mentioned, this Power-Up is sponsored by Finn & Friends.
  • Leaf Blower (LeafBlower): This Power-Up replaced the Boost Power-Up during the July 2014 update. When this Power-Up is activated, a metal fan will appear on the player's kart, which spouts out leaves as it moves. This fan allows the player's kart to accelerate much faster, as well as increasing its speed. Like the King Sling, the Leaf Blower is not a sponsored Power-Up.
  • Target (ABGTarget): Prior to the 2015 update, when this Power-Up is activated, the player is given a kart that looks very much like a poorly designed version of Kyle Larson's NASCAR. This kart has Target logos on it. This kart has a high top speed and accelerates very fast, however, much like with every other Power-Up, it can only be used in that particular race and will not appear as an available kart to drive in the game. As mentioned, this Power-Up is sponsored by Target.
  • Turbo Kart (TurboKart): This Power-Up replaced the Target Kart Power-Up during the 2015 update. When this Power-Up is activated, the player is given a kart that looks very much like a poorly designed version of Kyle Larson's NASCAR. This kart has lightning bolts on the front and the word "Turbo" on the back. This kart has a high top speed and accelerates very fast, however, much like with every other Power-Up, it can only be used in that particular race and will not appear as an available kart to drive in the game.


Prior to the March 2014 update, power-ups were purchased with coins. But with the update, you must now buy them with gems instead. Nowadays you can buy only a individual power-up or watch a partner video.

Power-Ups Individuals Packs (5 power-ups)
ABGKingSlingKing Sling Gem10 Gem40
ABGKartRepairKart Repair Gem5 Gem20
LeafBlowerLeaf Blower Gem15 Gem60
TurboKartTurbo Kart Gem20 Gem80


  • When looking at a champion chase, it says "Defeat (character) 3 times to unlock them" for every character, but this only makes sense with The Blues.
  • For some reason, after the Thanksgiving/Christmas update, the app now crashes after startup.
  • However, after the Chinese New Year update, the app no longer crashes.


  • The game gives some resemblance to the original Angry Birds, with the appearance of the Slingshot and power-ups.
  • The game uses Hal in his new design from the Coca-Cola Trailer.
  • Minion Pigs are not playable, but they do appear in races and fruit splat races.
  • All of the characters appear in their Toons design, except Hal (although it's possible that Hal might appear in Angry Birds Toons with his Coca-Cola Trailer appearance) and the Minion Pigs.
  • On the cover of the Jenga tower knockdown game, if you look closely, you can see the Pirate Pig Attack game. This also happens with the Trophy Cup Challenge game.
  • CC in real life stands for Cubic Centimeter, but according to Mechanic Pig, it stands for Cake Capacity.
  • This is probably because you are racing for a cake.
  • The letter "L" next to the kart names denotes the Level of the kart.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game to be played in a 3D perspective, as well as the first to feature three-dimensional CGI graphics.
  • This is the second free full game, the first one being Angry Birds Rio.
  • The game gives you the option to steer by tilting or touching.
  • Just like the original game, you can use sponsored power-ups in this game.
  • You can play Jenga's Pirate Pig Attack mode in this game by touching the Jenga button below the selection screen. To play it, you must enter the code which is in the Pirate Pig Attack toy.
  • When the player finishes all brackets in a mode, the challenges will be available in that mode. Completing challenges will reward you gems.
  • When you tap a character in its habitat in the big tree, the character commonly says "Hi" or "Hey".
  • In Fruit Splat mode, when the player empties all the fruits on the bar, the fruits on the track change into coins.
  • This is the only game besides Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio to have all the birds in it.
  • Whenever a kart has been fully upgraded, the kart will "level up" and change in appearance, and the name of the kart will change too.
  • In order to unlock an episode, you have to recruit all characters in the previous episode.
  • When you pick a kart for Race or Versus, all the racers will be using a variant of that kart. This was true prior to the March 2014 update.
  • A few characters are not seen in their actual karts in their cutscenes nor in their Champion Chase. This is clearly a result of the developers' oversight.
    • Bomb's real kart is Big Bang, but in Seedway Cutscene 5, he goes by Big Boomer, and in his Champion Chase, he goes by Roofster. Both Roofster and Big Boomer are variants of Big Bang.
    • Chuck's real kart is Mega Rocket, but in Stunt Cutscene 5, he goes by Wall Magnet, and in his Champion Chase, he goes by Rocket Racer. Both Rocket Racer and Wall Magnet are variants of Mega Rocket.
  • Each of the characters (except for Red, due to him being the default character) has different abilities in Champion Chase next to their regular powers, and they can use it repeatedly.
    • Stella covers herself in a big bubble and blows bubbles backwards or forwards.
    • Bomb blows himself up and throws bombs towards the player.
    • The Blues use mini speed boosts and spawn a stone block, a wooden block and a glass block backwards.
    • King Pig flies over the track with his balloons and hurls Minion Pigs' backwards or forwards to slow down the player.
    • Terence creates storms that shock the player and spawns big rocks backwards.
    • Bubbles expands to a huge size and spawns a TNT Crate, a box of coins, or a box of boost, tied to a balloon backwards.
    • Matilda throws egg bombs forwards and spawns spinning eggs backwards.
    • Foreman Pig throws TNT Dynamites 3 times forward and launches 2 TNT Rockets at once backwards.
    • Hal creates a tornado and shoots boomerangs backwards.
    • Corporal Pig shields himself with three helmets to protect him and throws TNT Crates backwards.
    • Chuck uses mega speed boosts and leaves boosts behind.
  • The AB Toons episode Run Chuck Run! is referenced in the game;
    • The podium with the prizes on it is the same one in the episode.
    • In the Weekly Tournament, the same podium as above appears, also, if you are on the first stand, Chuck will be on the third stand, similar to the ending of the episode where ironically being the fastest, Chuck ends up finishing last losing to Terence.
  • Its worldwide release date was on the 4th anniversary of the first game.
  • If you touch Mechanic Pig too many times, he will say reek.
  • This is the first game that Sponsored power ups change his name. The second was Angry Birds Transformers when State Farm (in the US) changes to Shieldor (Energonicon).
  • This game had two Special Karts: one about Christmas and other about Chinese New Year.
  • You can play as Chronicler Pig. Put Ayrton Senna as current racer in v1.8.2 and install any previous version as v1.7.0 or other and when the game open you will see a "pink racer" sprite, he is Chronicler Pig, your power hit opponents behind you. Warning: Try that method will reset your races as Ayrton Senna and you will not able to get his helmet completing 41 races after.


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