This is the list of unused content from the game, Angry Birds Go!.

Early builds

Kart names

  • Bomb's Big Bang was originally called Exploder in the gameplay trailer.
  • Before the game was released, in Countdown to Angry Birds Go!, Foreman Pig's Green Baron was originally called Crimson Baron.

Chuck's ability

  • Chuck's ability was different in the gameplay trailer before the final game was released.

Kart selection

  • The kart selection was different in the gameplay trailer before the final game was released.

Angry Birds Go! v1.0

Mechanic Pig

ABGO MechanicPig
  • Mechanic Pig was appeared in Angry Birds Go! with the kart selection and cutscenes. In v1.10.0 Halloween update, he was removed from kart selection for space limitation purposes. His audio clips can be found in the game data files.

Chronicler Pig

  • Chronicler Pig was a old sprite model of Senna Bird in v1.4.0, you can play as him. Put Ayrton Senna as current racer in v1.8.2 and install any previous version as v1.7.0 or other and when the game open you will see a "pink racer" sprite, he is Chronicler Pig, your power hit opponents behind you. [1]
    • Warning: Trying that method will reset your races as Ayrton Senna and you will not able to get his helmet completing 41 races after.


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