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This page contains information about upcoming Angry Birds Media.

To prevent any speculation or false information, this page will be locked from new and unregistered users until it has been released. If you want to add any new information, please see this page's respective talk page.

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Angry Birds Holiday
Current app icon
Length (in levels): 100
Sproing, Rovio Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: (Philippines, May 25, 2016; soft-launched)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Ratings: ESRB: TBA
Version(s): 0.10.2
[Version History]

Angry Birds Holiday is a casual game based on The Angry Birds Movie. It was developed by Sproing and published by Rovio Entertainment.



The gameplay of Angry Birds Holiday is very different from all previous games in the series. The player is guided by Matilda, to run a business with them for the piggies taking a vacation in the resort and avoid going for the eggs.

The player may simply drag the pig or items into the designated area to service the pig. In addition, getting resources from servicing, harvesting crops and production buildings.


  • Coins: The basic game currency. It can be used to purchase non-emergency items such as purchasing new production buildings, gardening areas, service areas and decorative items in shop.
  • Gems: The premium game currency used to buy emergency items such as skip waiting times, buying slots and purchase insufficient items required.
  • Slingshot Ticket: Send pigs to friends, contacts or flock list.


For a list of buildings, see Angry Birds Holiday/Buildings


For a list of crops in this game, see Crops (Angry Birds Holiday)


Tools are part of the Angry Birds Holidays.

  • Repair tool: Repairs the building into good condition.
  • Axe: Cut small trees down.
  • Saw: Cut large trees down.
  • TNT: Blow medium boulders.


For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Holiday/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Holiday/Gallery.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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