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Angry Birds Islands
Current app icon
Length (in levels): N/A
NHN Studio629
Rovio Entertainment
Released: March 2-11, 2017 (Korea; First Beta for Android only)
April 13, 2017 (some Asian countries; soft-launched)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Ratings: Everyone
Genre: Village building (City-building)
Version(s): Discontinued as of v1.0.29

[Version History]

Angry Birds Islands was a village building game where birds and pigs work together. The pigs will collect and create resources, while birds fight monsters to rescue piglets, or deliver resources in quests. It was developed by NHN Studio629 and published by Rovio Entertainment.


It was released for the beta on March 2-11, 2017 in Korea (Android users only), and April 13, 2017 for released in some Asian countries.


On 26 June, 2017, the official Facebook page of Angry Birds Islands mentioned that it will discontinue the next day. On 27 June, 2017, the servers will get offline, the IAPs will be stopped, and the app will be removed from the Play Store and App Store. You can still download it from other websites, but it will not work as you have to download additional data, which is not possible since the servers are down.

This marked the fourth Angry Birds game to be discontinued without even release in worldwide, the others being Angry Birds Ace Fighter, Angry Birds Football, and Angry Birds Holiday.


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