Angry Birds Mash'ems were collectable, rubbery toys filled with water that were, as the name suggested, mashable. They have since been discontinued and removed off of the official store, but still can be found in some locations.


Series 1

Series 3

Series 5

Space (introduced with Series 1)


  • There is no Series 2 or Series 4. The packages quite literally introduce the merchandise as "Series 1", "Series 3", or "Series 5".
  • When Series 1 was first released, it was very widespread and could easily be found in many stores. Series 2 was not as successful, but could still be found in select stores. Series 5, however, is extremely hard to find and was not as open and stocked up as the first 2 series.
  • Terence is the only flock member to not have a mash'em. (excluding Silver, who didn't even exist until the merchandise was discontinued.)
    • He wasn't even included in the Space Mash'ems, while they still managed to introduce the Space Egg, who hadn't even been a playable character nor a major one at that time.
  • The first series had very thick material for the characters, but the next 2 featured products that had much translucent material, and the liquid inside could be seen.
    • Matilda, Chuck, Bomb and Red's newer models have the more translucent material as well, making the Blues the only characters from Series 1 to not be remodelled.