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Mcdonalds Level 1

A level in Angry Birds McDonald's.

Angry Birds McDonald's was a game released on September 28, 2012. It comes with the regular Angry Birds Friends powerups. This game is based off, as well as made to promote McDonald's. It comes with 4 new items: A Burger, French Fries, A Drink, and a Big Mac. The game is in Chinese and was made to promote Angry Birds in China. There are 6 levels, but one can only play 2 of them. However, to play the other 4 levels, you need to register with your email. 4 levels seemed to have a McDonald's theme and the other 4 seemed to have a theme based on the Angry Birds Seasons episode, Mooncake Festival (Moon Festival), but with a few altered changes in the background, such as white clouds on the theme and rocks on the river.

Nowdays, the game was removed, it has linked to the Angry Birds homepage.


  1. Red Bird (Red)
  2. Blue Birds (The Blues)
  3. Yellow Bird (Chuck)
  4. Black Bird (Bomb)
  5. White Bird (Matilda)
  6. Boomerang Bird (Hal)
  7. Big Brother Bird (Terence)



McDonald's (China) Angry Birds Mobile Game00:31

McDonald's (China) Angry Birds Mobile Game

Hal and Terence are not in the commercial, Matilda also has her look from Angry Birds Toons and Coca Cola short. Similar to that, the King Pig has the same shape from Angry Birds Toons, the Bad Piggies Trailer, and the Angry Birds Join Freddie for a Day animation.

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