Community Challenges

RED Event (iOS exclusive)

  • During the RED event for iOS exclusive, players have to pop the number of pigs to earn boosters.
  • During the Christmas 2016 update, players have to collect presents for rewards.
    • ???m presents: x2 ABPop Booster 1
    • ???m presents: x3 Mighty Eye Sight
    • ???m presents: x2 ABPOP! Booster 3
    • ???m presents: x3 ABPop Booster 1
    • 250m presents: x3 ABPOP! Booster 4
    • 500m presents: x2 Mighty Eye Sight
    • 750m presents: x3 ABPOP! Booster 3

Christmas community event

Solo challenges

Solo challenges

Collect the eggs: Reach a number of eggs to unlock boosters during the week before the limited time bird event.

    • June 15, 2017 - June 20, 2017

In-game limited time event

  • Infinite Lives
  • Extra bubbles
  • Super fireball
  • Level 2000 event
    • ABPOP 1 star: 15,000
    • ABPOP 2 stars: 55,000
    • ABPOP 3 stars: 85,000

Game item event

Free Fireball Ad

Watching a video will reward a free fireball boost.

Ad lives refill

Watching a video will reward a free lives refill.

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