Level 1
ABPop Level 1
Episode 1
Level type Drop the Pigs New
Pigs 3
Bubbles on screen 29
Bubbles Available to Shoot Unlimited
Target score 500 points
Previous Current Next
Drop the Pigs New Drop the Pigs New
None Level 1 Level 2

Angry Birds POP! Level 1 is the first level in Forest and the 1st Drop the Pigs level in Angry Birds POP!. To pass this level, you must drop 3 pigs and score at least 500 points in unlimited bubbles or fewer. When you complete the level, remaining bubbles and obstacles will reward you additional points.

This level is the tutorial level that will teach you the basics on how to play the game.


This level is impossible to fail unless the player quits after popping 1 or 2 bubbles.


ABPOP 1 star: 500 points

ABPOP 2 stars: 2,500 points

ABPOP 3 stars: 4,500 points

ABPopGoldenFeather: 6,500 points


  • No strategy at all. Simply shoot the bubbles that are the same color of the bubbles you have.


Board Info

ABPop Level 1 Notes 1

Red Lines represent the fixed spawn position. Green rectangles represent the spawn position of the piggies.

Elements Info

  • Bubbles
    • 10 bubbles on the left using color 1
    • 9 bubbles on the middle using color 2
    • 10 bubbles on the right using color 1
  • Pigs
    • One left, middle and the right

Walkthrough Video


For the level version history, see Angry Birds POP! Level 1/Versions