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Mighty Philadelphia Eagle

Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles is a game from Rovio. It is on the Philadelphia Eagle page. There's a new character called the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle. When the Eagles were interviewed, they stated, "This is Rovio's first sports partnership globally, and Eagles fans can look forward to plenty of Angry Birds fun during the 2012 season!" It was released in September 4, 2012.


Red was talking about the birds getting their revenge on the pigs. Chuck states that they have never seen them play. Red's brother growls at him angrily and Chuck hushes him. He tells Terence to save it for the field. Then, Bomb imitates what he'd be like while angry, even the fuse ,saying their tactics were total destruction. Then, the commentator asked about the 5th Bird, The Mighty Philadelphia Eagle. At that moment, an american football passes by, and it ends with a blur (eagle) flying across the screen.

Scheduled Levels

061312 ic phila eagles angry birds


Date Name
1 Sept. 5th At Cleveland Browns
2 Sept. 10th Vs. Baltimore Ravens
3 Sept. 17th At Arizona Cardinals
4 Sept. 24th Vs. New York Giants, Sunday Night Football
5 Oct. 1st At Pittsburg Steelers
6 Oct. 8th Vs. Detroit Lions
7 Oct. 15th Vs. Atlanta Falcons
8 Oct. 29th At New Orleans Saints, Monday Night Football
9 Nov. 6th Vs. Dallas Cowboys
10 Nov. 12th At Washington Redskins
11 Nov. 19th Vs. Carolina Panthers, Monday Night Football
12 Nov. 27th At Dallas Cowboys, Sunday Night Football
13 Dec. 3rd At Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14 Dec. 10th Vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday Night Football
15 Dec. 14th Vs. Washington Redskins
16 Dec. 24th At New York Giants





  • The promo video is the first time the Birds ever talk. It is also the only time any Angry Birds character in the games and animations has talked (if you don't count the Developer Birds). However, they spoke in a Bird kind of language, so the animation included translation.
  • This is also the first time the Birds have appeared alongside humans in an animated video, with the second time in the Angry Birds Trilogy promotional video, and third being Angry Birds Coca Cola Video.

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