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Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook was a game of Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook. There are new Power-ups called Blaster Droid, Clone Bird, Lightsaber Sling and Thermal Detonator. The game was closed down on March 3, 2014.[1][2]



  • Blaster Droid

Attach a blaster bolt shooting droid to your bird! It shoots in front of your bird all the time!

  • Thermal Detonater

Attach a bomb on the bird that explodes when it hits an object.

  • Lightsaber Sling

Energize the slingshot to increase birds speed and mass.

Bonus power-ups

  • Clone Bird

Clones the bird on the slingshot and gives you a bonus bird.

  • Mighty Millennium Falcon


The game has garnered a lot of positive response as well as the normal game.[3]


  • The Lightsaber Slingshot is just like King Sling in Angry Birds Friends, but the Birds glow in blue.
  • There is a shop in Coruscant, but it has a coin in its orbit.
  • If you look in the distance in the photo with Angry Birds Toons (see below), you can see a though AT-ATless Hoth. This means Hoth would be planned in secrecy.
  • The power-ups have been most recently added the the original Angry Birds Star Wars.



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