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This page contains information about upcoming Angry Birds Media.

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Angry Birds Stella is a spin-off game of Angry Birds. It mainly focuses on Stella. It includes 6 birds, in which 5 are new characters:Poppy,Luca,Willow,Dahlia, and Gale (as seen to the left) It is a new game set to be released September 2014.

the artwork

The info from Rovio:

Get ready for something new in the Angry Birds Universe! Meet Stella and her friends, a group of feisty characters with a shared love for fun, adventure, and creativity. The story of Stella swings the fans to parts of the Angry Birds world we've never seen before. Angry Birds Stella is all about inspiration, empowerment and other real issues, without forgetting entertainment and fun.

"Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while adding plenty of action and reality into the mix," said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment. "The Angry Birds Stella story will live and evolve physical and digital, bridging them in fun and innovative ways. Stella and her friends are here to stay, with plenty of adventures ahead of them."

Angry Birds Stella will bring fans a wide range of entertainment across multiple media, such as games, animation, toys, books, and other retail products for many years to come. Stay tuned for more details, including exciting products and partnerships lined up for the future.



  • The Bad Piggies have been confirmed to appear, they appear in an Angry Birds Stella playset.
  • An Angry Birds Stella toy Dream House has been seen in the theme of a Barbie Dream House, it has similar gameplay to previous Angry Birds Board Games. There is a swing where the player must put force to to swing the bird and knock down the pigs. Once the pigs are knocked down, the player may play with the doll house, which has accessories like a bed or couch. It's mainly for girls the age of 6 to 9.




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