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Angry Birds Stella
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General Info
Platforms: IOS

Android Windows Phone 8

Release Date: September 4, 2014
Creators: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle

Angry Birds Stella is the spin-off series of Angry Birds released on September 4, 2014.

The game features Stella in the starring role taking a vacation from her adventures with the Flock, traveling to Golden Island and visiting an assortment of characters created exclusively for the game, including four new playable Birds and improved visuals resembling the Angry Birds Toons shorts.

Press Info

Get ready for something new in the Angry Birds Universe! Meet Stella and her friends, a group of feisty characters with a shared love for fun, adventure, and creativity. The story of Stella swings the fans to parts of the Angry Birds world we've never seen before. Angry Birds Stella is all about inspiration, empowerment and other real issues, without forgetting entertainment and fun.

"Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while adding plenty of action and reality into the mix," said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment. "The Angry Birds Stella story will live and evolve physical and digital, bridging them in fun and innovative ways. Stella and her friends are here to stay, with plenty of adventures ahead of them."

Angry Birds Stella will bring fans a wide range of entertainment across multiple media, such as games, animation, toys, books, and other retail products for many years to come. Stay tuned for more details, including exciting products and partnerships lined up for the future.


On July 13, 2015, it was announced that the game would be officially discontinued to continue with Angry Birds Stella POP and the second season of the animated series.


Birds (Playable)

  • Stella (she can ricochet off all materials only twice. The second time is stronger than the first.)
  • Poppy (She spins straight down through most types of blocks, but better through wood and glass)
  • Luca (His sonic blast shatters glass and goes through wood effectively. It doesn’t travel through stone.)
  • Willow (As you tap and hold she pivots and upon release she saws through wood and glass with ease and some difficulty with stone, but they will alter her trajectory)
  • Dahlia (She will teleport in the direction she is headed. Tap and hold and then release when she’s where you want her.)
  • Gale (playable by choice after the first episode is cleared, does not appear in any levels by default. She has a power to destroy every painting golden blocks that you've painted when you choose her., but you can only paint in a line.)



  • Explosive Fruit Box (explode when broken)
  • Vortex Box (pulls all objects towards the center for a couple of seconds)
  • Box of Coins (explode and spreads around coins that can be collected)
  • Geyser Box (pushes all objects in the area up)
  • Pig in a Box (it’s a pig hiding in a box)
  • Anti-Gravity Box (explodes and makes surrounding objects levitate for a couple of seconds)

Lost and Found


If you win a random level you can win useful items below:

Name Icon Item Image Reward Description
Trekking Gear
More pig sightings on the map.
Luca's Toy Cars
ABStellaLostandFoundItem2 ABStellaLostandFoundItem3 ABStellaLostandFoundItem4
10% more coins from pigs.
Lounge Carpets
ABStellaLostandFoundItem5 ABStellaLostandFoundItem6 ABStellaLostandFoundItem7
5 coins more from large rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.
Willow's Espresso Machine
ABStellaLostandFoundItem8 ABStellaLostandFoundItem9 ABStellaLostandFoundItem10
1% faster Hammer Refill.
Stella's Surfboard
ABStellaLostandFoundItem11 ABStellaLostandFoundItem12 ABStellaLostandFoundItem13
2% faster Hammer Refill.
Stella's Skateboard
ABStellaLostandFoundItem18 ABStellaLostandFoundItem19 ABStellaLostandFoundItem20
15% more coins from pigs.
ABStellaLostandFoundItem14 ABStellaLostandFoundItem15 ABStellaLostandFoundItem16 ABStellaLostandFoundItem17
5 coins more from large rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.
ABStellaLostandFoundItem21 ABStellaLostandFoundItem22 ABStellaLostandFoundItem23 ABStellaLostandFoundItem24
10 coins more from large rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.
Poppy's Gong
ABStellaLostandFoundItem25 ABStellaLostandFoundItem26 ABStellaLostandFoundItem27 ABStellaLostandFoundItem28
3% faster Hammer Refill.
Game Console
ABStellaLostandFoundItem29 ABStellaLostandFoundItem30 ABStellaLostandFoundItem31 ABStellaLostandFoundItem32
10 coins more from large rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.
ABStellaLostandFoundItem33 ABStellaLostandFoundItem34 ABStellaLostandFoundItem35
More pig sightings on the map.
Dahlia's Astronomy Set
15% more coins from pigs.
Luca's Toy Robot
ABStellaLostandFoundItem37 ABStellaLostandFoundItem38 ABStellaLostandFoundItem39 ABStellaLostandFoundItem40
4% faster Hammer Refill.
Pile of Pillows
5 coins more from small rewards in the Wheel of Fortune.
Willow's Painting
15% more coins from pigs.
Dahlia's Chemistry Set
4% faster Hammer Refill.
Poppy's Drums
Drum Set
20% more coins from pigs.


There are two chapter in Angry Birds Stella.

Non Sequential: Random Levels (Levels around the Golden Island).

Power Up

Hammer Power-Up: is first unlocked on level 13. Press it at anything or any enemy to destroy that thing or enemy. After using it it takes a certain amount of pigs for it to recharge or you can spend coins and use it immediately.

Angry Birds Stella POP

On December 25th, Rovio revealed Angry Birds Stella POP, indeed comfirming Stella is a series.


  • Angry Birds Stella is the first main game in the series as a whole where the playable Birds are not given alternative names named after their color or an attribute to the character.
  • The following reasons of why Angry Birds Stella is a unique game.
    • There is only one returning playable Bird.
    • It is the only Angry Birds Game or Spinoff where Red does not appear directly.
    • It is the first Angry Bird Game to be directly aimed at a feminine audience.
    • It is the only game where the villain is female.
    • It is the only game where the flock has only 1 male member.
    • It is the only game where the main character is female.
    • It is one of the only games to have its own Comic-Con Panel.
    • It is the only game where the main villain does not appear in the final level.
    • This is the first game where the main villain is a bird, as well as the first depiction of infighting amongst the birds.
    • This is the only game where all of the birds sport unique eye colors, with none of them ever having black eyes (light blue, dark blue, green, brown, orange, and yellow). In fact, the only characters with black eyes are the pigs.
  • In the in-game files, the game is referred to as "Purple" and "PURPLE_BIRD" on multiple occasions, possibly referring to Gale.
  • Each of the birds abilities are similar to those from previous games.
  • This game used to have a Facebook Glitch. You didn't have to connect Facebook to play the game or you couldn't play the game anymore. You had to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Makes you lose all progress because Rovio Account is not available in this game.
  • Hidden in the credits of Angry Birds Stella you will find a fun mini-game where the objective is to keep the pigs up in the air to bounce the pigs to the pillows and get safety to the pigs.
  • For the first time ever the Zombie Pigs are available out Halloween Tournament in Angry Birds Friends.
  • For unlock the new pigs the player must pass the levels until level 33.
  • Now Angry Birds Stella Game has the Wheel of Fortune as Angry Birds Epic but here you can win nothing instead of win any 3 rewards.
  • You can play 5 non-sequential levels, later you must wait among few minutes and one hour and half.
  • This game has now Bird and Pig side, as Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and Gale was placed in Bird Side.
  • the update v1.1.0 has a Special level, it irregularly appers (Old themes: Christmas, New Year, Transformers, Chemistry).
  • In v1.1.0 you can see your Facebook friends on map.
  • The new update shows Stella and your friends on top of tree with your Lost and Found itens.
  • The Lost and Found itens can be upgradable, them have between 3 and 5 pieces.
  • To unlock new Random Levels, you can pay coins to open instantly.
  • Random Levels gift you with one, two or three pieces of crystals, and these crystal are collected to pass a level.
  • When you collect all pieces of item you win more crystal pieces.
  • The cave was not unlocked for a while.
  • You can see Red and King Pig as Luca's toy, inside a car, referencing Angry Birds Go!
    • Red can also be seen as a logo on the Game Console, near the television.
  • Poppy's trailer is never seen in the Toons Series.




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