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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!

This article contains information about an abandoned object.

The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, characters, or other Angry Birds medias.

ABStellaComic Issue1 French

The first volume of Angry Birds Stella comic book. (French)

Angry Birds Stella is a comic series based of the Angry Birds spin-off series, Angry Birds Stella.

It was published by Le Lombard. The first volume was released in France on May 2015, the comic was also released in Czech, Dutch, Spanish, and German.

The comic series was cancelled for unknown reason or it's most likely due to Angry Birds Stella's discontinuation. The English version of the comic was never released.


Volume 1

This section is in the need of expansion.


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