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Angry Birds Transformers
Length (in levels): Length unconfirmed
Rovio Entertainment
Released: September 25, 2014 (iOS; Finland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia) October 15, 2014 (iOS - worldwide) October 30, 2014 (Android - Google Play) November 5, 2014 (Android - Amazon)
Platforms: Android, iOS
Ratings: ESRB: Rating Pending
Genre: Shoot 'em up, Side-scrolling
Version(s): 1.1.25

Angry Birds Transformers is a side-scrolling shoot em' up video game released for iOS (Oct. 15, 2014) and Android (Oct. 30, 2014). It shows the teaming of the so-called "Autobirds" and "Deceptihogs", defeating the "Eggbots".


The game's storyline starts with the AllSpark crashing towards Piggy Island and the AllSpark turns into an egg-shape while crashes towards the island.On Piggy Island, The birds and pigs are going to fight against the eggs.As the AllSpark crashed, The birds, pigs and the eggs turned into robots,But since the eggs become robots,They started shooting everything which turns everything into robots,So it's up to the birds and pigs to team up together to stop the eggs.


The goal of the game is to survive the run, from start to finish. Popping pigs is not needed to finish the level - but is required for unlocking more characters. To pop the pigs, players must either directly shoot at them, or use their fortresses to "fall" on them by destroying the "weak spots".

Players can also transform, to prevent being crushed by the statues.


  • This is the second game where Matilda did not appeared, the first one is Angry Birds Space
    • This is also the second 3D Angry Birds game,The first one is Angry Birds Go!, which coinicdentally both of them have a Jenga Mode.
  • This is the first instance where:
    • Hal is a Main Character.
    • Birds and Pigs are on the same side
    • There are visible arms and legs for the characters
    • The Eggs are the antagonists.
  • Also, this is the 4th game to use vehicles. The first one is Bad Piggies (game), the second one is Angry Birds GO!, the third one is Angry Birds Epic (Bomb's pirate ship, the airship and submarine).
  • This is the third Angry Birds game that wasn't released on a Thursday. The first game was Angry Birds and the second was Angry Birds Rio. However, it will be released on Thursday for Android in Google Play.
  • Depsite the fact pigs are indeed playable, you will always be killing pig enemies.
    • Although this was sometimes the case for the Pork-Side in Angry Birds Star Wars 2, not counting the upgrade to use pigs in bird levels.


For a list of all characters, visit Transformers Characters.



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