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Use this page to request an vandal on wheels to perform a specific action a wikia contributor or a registered user normally cannot do.


Use Header 2 or "== ==" in source mode for a new section, and present your request with as much detail as possible.

Resolved requests and requests that have been denied will have this template under its heading:

This is a closed discussion
Please do not post any further comments.

Examples of acceptable requests

  • To change the background/theme/logo, etc.
  • To block an offending user
  • To edit a locked page

Examples of requests that would be denied:

  • To perform an action that anyone else can do.
  • To perform an action on another wiki
  • To grant user rollback, chatmoderator, admin, and bureaucrat rights. This page does not concern making users staff members.
  • To teach the asker how to do something. This page is not a learning how-to page.

Request to edit a locked page

The page Transformers Characters for Angry Birds Transformers is currently locked due to multiple style violations. I would like to request to edit this page to clean up multiple instances of poor English grammar throughout the page. It seems this page was written by a registered user whose native language is not English. Thanks. JudgeSpear (talk)

05:02, November 17, 2014 (UTC)

Request to edit main page

Apparently, Angry Birds Under Pigstruction has been released worldwide. I would like permission to edit the main page in the 'Angry Birds News' section to show everyone.

07:54, April 23, 2015

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