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The Angry Birds Wiki Committee Group is a section of the Angry Birds Wiki Staff directly underneath the Administrators and Bureaucrats. Committee Members are trusted users with rollback and chatmoderator rights who help enforce the wiki's policies.

Each member of the Committee is the head of a Committee Sub-Group, who are users below the Committee who perform specific functions in order to help the wiki.

The Committee Group Head is the head of the Committee Group who supervises and assists other Committee Members. The Committee Group Supervisor is an Administrator or Bureaucrat who supervises the group as a whole. This user grants the rights to the users who become Committee Members, and demote Committee members who aren't working efficiently.

Committee Members will have this on their userpage:

Chuck eyes copy This user is a Committee Member of Angry Birds Wiki.

Current Members

Image User Signature Postition Admission Date Status
Committee Group Supervisor Vacant
Grammar Group Head Vacant
Article Improver Head Vacant
Update User Head Vacant
Image Unit Head Vacant

Former Members

  • Angry Bird Piggy (now Link) - Former Committee Group Head: Spetember 5, 2012 - November 5, 2012
  • Angry Hearts - Former Committee Member: October 1, 2012 - November 5, 2012
  • The brown bird (now Boomerang) - Former Update User Head & Committee Group Head: October 4, 2012 - June 18, 2013
  • Perfectionist - Former Update User Head & Committee Member: September 24, 2013 - February 20, 2014

Responsibilities of a Committee Member

  • Enforce the wiki's policies
  • Undo vandalism
  • Regularly assist with wiki projects
  • Help out users in his/her sub-group who are having trouble

Responsiblities of the Committee Head

  • Supervise the Committee Members
  • If one member isn't doing their job, or does something on the Removal of a Member list below, he/she must report it to the Committee Group Supervisor.


Below is a list of requirements one needs to have in order to become part of the Angry Birds Wiki Committee Group.


  • At least 500 productive edits. If a majority of your edits are spam, comments, or on forums, it will not be accountable.
  • Has been with the wiki for at least 5 months
  • Has read the list below and has shown that he/she knows what to do
  • Approvals from all active administrators and fellow Committee Members from Angry Birds Wiki:Committee Group Application

Each member will be given rollback and chat moderator rights to help them with their activites on the wiki.

Things to do

Vandals, Spammers, Trolls, etc.

  • Revert the vandal's/spammer's/troll's edts
  • Give him/her around 2 warnings. Less warnings are needed if the offending user takes it too far (Ex: excessive cursing, alchohol/drug references, rudeness, inappropriate words)
  • If the offending user does not comply, report to an administrator to ban him/her


  • Use third person. First and second person does not sound official and proper.
  • Remove any opinionated text.
  • Remove unnecessary content.
  • Fix grammar, if needed.
  • Remove any sentences with "!" or "?" except for direct quotes.
  • Put the {delete} tag on:
    • Unrelated pages
    • Fanon pages
    • Uneeded/repeated pages
  • Remove any information stating the release of future games, characters, plushes, etc. if they do not have any reliable sources.


  • Remove any Junk Trivia. Junk Trivia includes:
    • Obvious things about the page's subject
    • Speculations/assumptions Ex: Some people think that the Blue Birds are the cutest
    • Fanon
    • Statements that were already said in the page.
  • Make sure all Trivia are in bullet points and near the bottom of the page. Only references, External links, "see also" and navigation templates go beneath the Trivia sections.

Message Walls, Blog posts, Talk pages

  • Put Template:Closed Conversation on any closed discussions
    • Remove any comments placed on discussions after it was closed
  • Remove any spam, Ex: excessive punctuation and letters "NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Remove any irrelevant comments to the topic.
  • In talk pages, remove any comments/discussions that have nothing to do with the page's subject.


  • Kickban any users who:
    • Spam
    • Use foul language
    • Advertises for another wiki
    • Is being rude

User pages

  • Remove any "hate" lists stating who that user is against
  • Remove {delete} tags
  • Revert edits that were made from a different user. No one other than the owner of the user page should edit it, unless he/she gives permission.


  • Remove unneeded categories, Ex:"Angry Birds Games". There is already a "Games" category, and there are no other games on this wiki that aren't Angry Birds Games.
  • Remove repeated categories
  • Put the {delete} tag on uneeded categories


  • Try to be respectful to all users
  • Do not use your position as a Committee member to settle fights or to say that you are superior.
  • If a user is not being nice, try to reason with him/her before reporting to an admin

Removal of a Member

A committee member may be revoked of his or her rights for the following reasons:

  • Abusing rollback and chat moderator powers
  • Abusing his/her position
  • No longer displays knowledge of what is expected of a member
  • Continously violates the wiki's policies


A member may choose to resign from being a committee member at any time.

Applying to be a member

Use this talk page to request to become a committee member. You will need to have done all previous requirements before applying.

This page can also be used to nominate other users to become members.

The current active Admin Staff, the Committee Group Supervisor, along with the rest of the group vote on whether an applicant is ready to join the group.

If you are declined, and disagree with the voters' opinions, discuss it below.


Use "Header 2" or "== ==" in source mode to write your username. Under it, explain why you are applying to become a committee member, which position you would like that is not taken, and why you think you are qualified to become one.

Response: Say either, "Support" or "Decline" when explaining your reasons on why the applicant is or is not qualified.

  • A good reason: Decline - You have been uncooperative and unproductive
  • A bad reason: Decline - I don't like you


I would like to become a committee member because (reason) (signature)


  • Admin #1: Decline - (reason) (signature)
  • Admin #2: Decline - (reason) (signature)
  • Admin #3: Support - (reason) (signature)
  • Committee Group Member #1: Decline - (reason) (signature)


I don't agree with your discision because (reason) (signature)

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