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Welcome to the Staff Proposal corner! Use this page to present ideas to the Angry Birds Wiki Staff that you think may help the wiki. We hope you can come up with nice ideas to help our wiki!


Use "Header 2" or "== ==" in source mode to create a new heading, and under it, present your new idea, and explain why it will help the wiki.

The entirety of the active staff will vote on your idea and decide whether to go with it or not. All members of the staff must approve of the idea in order for it to move on.


==New Idea==
I want the wiki to do blah blah blah because... etc.

*<font color=green>'''Support'''</font> - This idea is good
*<font color=green>'''Support'''</font> - I agree with you
*<font color=red>'''Support'''</font> - This won't work
*<font color=red>'''Support'''</font> - I don't like this idea
*<font color=green>'''Support'''</font> - This will work out perfectly

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