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Please use the forums to suggest your question of the month.

Welcome to the Question of the Month! This page is where the community gets together and votes for an answer to a question. This is similar to the Featured Poll, except that there are limited options and that users get to post their opinions or reasons why they have chosen a specific side.

Don't be afraid, anyone can vote! It doesn't matter if you don't edit here, this is an activity in which everyone can participate!


  1. Only one vote per person
  2. Please sign your posts
  3. Please respect other users and their opinions. This is meant to help the community, so please don't start a fight!
  4. Please pay attention to the question. It is not always who is better or stronger.

Your post will be deleted if it does not meet the above criteria

Current Question

Question for July 2015
SuperGlue V.S. BadPiggies Magnet

Super Glue versus Magnet. Which power-up is more useful in Bad Piggies?

Votes for Super Glue:

  1. OgsUgpSith
  2. Boomerang bird
  3. Kamen_Ranger_Lio
  4. Peashooterx
  5. LegoLover58
  6. Artemika
  7. Monkeylove
  8. Zombie-headed Jalapeno
  9. OrangeBomb10
  10. Startodo
  11. Fireflame908
  12. Jimskathy
  13. Iceyfox123
  14. JaJaLoo
  15. Ambergiacomini
  16. Vladikhuk7777
  17. Bubbie1513
  18. TransformersGuy48
  19. Larry13
  20. Michael, The Lord Of Wikia
  21. gold5471

Votes for Magnet:

  1. Phanminhnhat
  2. Jackson The (Foreman) Pig
  3. bird


Have a suggestion for an upcoming Question of the Month? Suggest here

Past Questions

  • June 2015 - Piggy Tales vs. Angry Birds Toons - Winner: Angry Birds Toons
  • April 2015 - Crossfit Pig vs. Big Pig - Winner: Crossfit Pig
  • November 2014 - Sling Scope vs. Power Potion - Winner: Sling Scope
  • October 2013 - Bomb vs. Terence - Winner: Bomb
  • November 2013 - Chuck vs. Hal - Winner: Hal
  • December 2013 - Corporal Pig vs. Freckled Pig - Winner: Freckled Pig
  • January 2014 - Mighty Eagle vs. Mighty Dragon - Winner: Mighty Eagle
  • February 2014 - Bad Piggies vs. Angry Birds Go! - Winner: Bad Piggies
  • March 2014 - Chuck Time vs. Where's My Crown? - Winner: Chuck Time
  • April 2014 - Angry Birds Space vs. Angry Birds Star Wars - Winner: Angry Birds Star Wars
  • May 2014 - Han Solo vs. Lando Calrissian - Winner: Han Solo
  • June 2014 - Red vs. Chuck - Winner: Red
  • July 2014 - Angry Birds Transformers or Angry Birds StellaWinner: Transformers
  • August 2014 - Stella or The Blues - Winner: Stella

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