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exWelcome to the Question of the Month! This page is where the community gets together and votes for an answer to a question. This is similar to the Featured Poll, except that there are limited options and that users get to post their opinions or reasons why they have chosen a specific side.

Don't be afraid, anyone can vote! It doesn't matter if you don't edit here, this is an activity in which everyone can participate!


  1. Only one vote per person
  2. Please sign your posts
  3. Please respect other users and their opinions. This is meant to help the community, so please don't start a fight!
  4. Please pay attention to the question. It is not always who is better or stronger.

Your post will be deleted if it does not meet the above criteria

Current Question

Question for November 2014
ABF sling scope V.S. PowerPotion

Sling Scope versus Power Potion. Which power-up is more useful?

Votes for SlingScope:

  1. LegoLover58
  2. Phoebeyeo06
  3. Chatty Kitty
  4. TheSponge231
  5. Pixelcat14
  6. Pea nut 5667
  7. Jalapeno 1010
  8. Bad Piggy 9000 (Julian Ivan)
  9. AngrySean(The Target Help On Hard Levels)
  10. Eggbert
  11. Phanminhnhat - I vote for Sling Scope because it's stronger than Power Potion (but not stronger than all other power-ups). Sling Scope helps me to target the pigs in Insanely hard levels, for example, the London Bridge level, it is very easy to win with this powerful power-up!)

Votes for Power Potion

  1. Poor_Guy
  2. Bumblebee the transformer. "I think power potion is better as it makes weak birds like Red strong enough to destroy wood and damage stone,
  3. Theawaysudokuscreator - Power Potion is the second best power up (first being shockwave) and is useful for red birds, blue birds and all other birds to become stronger.


Have a suggestion for an upcoming Question of the Month? Suggest here

Past Questions

  • October 2013 - Bomb vs. Terence - Winner: Bomb
  • November 2013 - Chuck vs. Hal - Winner: Hal
  • December 2013 - Corporal Pig vs. Freckled Pig - Winner: Freckled Pig
  • January 2014 - Mighty Eagle vs. Mighty Dragon - Winner: Mighty Eagle
  • February 2014 - Bad Piggies vs. Angry Birds Go! - Winner: Bad Piggies
  • March 2014 - Chuck Time vs. Where's My Crown? - Winner: Chuck Time
  • April 2014 - Angry Birds Space vs. Angry Birds Star Wars - Winner: Angry Birds Star Wars
  • May 2014 - Han Solo vs. Lando Calrissian - Winner: Han Solo
  • June 2014 - Red vs. Chuck - Winner: Red
  • July 2014 - Angry Birds Transformers or Angry Birds StellaWinner: Transformers
  • August 2014 - Stella or The Blues - Winner: Stella

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