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The Angry Birds Wiki Update Users is a Committee Sub-Group of the Angry Birds Wiki Staff directly underneath the Committee Group. Update Users are trusted with rollback rights and keep the wiki up to date with new games, franchise, and media.

The Update User Supervisor is a Committee Member responsible for overseeing activity within the group, and helping users who are having difficulty.

Update Users will have this on their userpage:

Boomerang bird This user is an Update User of Angry Birds Wiki.

Current Members

Image User Signature Position Admission Date Status
Lazer bird front copy Speedy the Lazer Bird Speedy the Lazer Bird Update User January 29, 2015 Inactive

Each user is assigned a topic by the Update User Supervisor so that individual members within the group are not conflicting with each other when updating the site.

Former Members

  • Boomerang - Former Update User Head: November 20, 2012 - May 3, 2013
  • Perfectionist - Former Update User Head: September 24, 2013 - February 20, 2014

Responsibilities of the Update Users

  • Undo vandalism
  • Keep the wiki up to date when new media arrives from Rovio
  • Remove speculation, predictions, and fan fiction from mainspace.
  • Reference all new material
  • Update the slide show on the main page whenever necessary.
  • Assist with Angry Birds Wiki:Level Walkthroughs.
  • If an edit war is starting, notify an administrator as soon as possible.
  • When creating a new page about upcoming media, use this template at the top of the article:


This page contains information about upcoming Angry Birds Media.

To prevent any speculation or false information, this page will be locked from new and unregistered users until it has been released. If you want to add any new information, please see this page's respective talk page.

--- Angry Birds Wiki:Update Users

Requirements to be a Member

  • Be a daily, if not, weekly active user for 3 months.
  • Update the site regularly.
  • At least 300 edits
  • Try to have the newest Angry Birds games and update whenever possible. (easier for Android users, Angry Birds is free on Android)

Applying to be a member

Use forum to request to become an update user member. You will need to have done all previous requirements before applying.

The board can also be used to nominate other users to become members.

The Update User Supervisor, along with the rest of the group vote on whether an applicant is ready to join the group. If there is no Update User Supervisor, then the Committee Group Supervisor will replace that position until one is found.

If you disagree with the voters' opinions, discuss it below.


Go to Staff Board and write your position and username (Update User:Username) and explain why you are applying to become an Update User Member and why you think you are qualified to become one.

Response: Reply the thread by using {{Support}}, {{Support - Neutral}}, {{Neutral}}, {{Neutral - Oppose}}, or {{Oppose}} with your proper reason.

  • A good reason: 
20130404-kingpig Oppose
You have been uncooperative and unproductive.
  • A bad reason: 
20130404-kingpig Oppose
I don't like you


Title: Update User: Random user

Describe yourself: I would like to become an update user member because (reason) (signature)


  • Member #1: 
20130404-kingpig Oppose
  • Member #2: 
20130404-kingpig Oppose
  • Member #3: 
RedBirdToons Support
  • Group Supervisor #1: 
Mighty Eagle Neutral

For requesting user to oppose the vote:

I don't agree with your discision because (reason)

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